When “Check Your Male Privilege” Becomes a Bludgeon

Mark Greene believes a monolithic view of male privilege will impede progress toward gender equality.

Developing Male Emotional Competence Through Community Hardship

Racist comments and threats to the Black student community could easily have sparked stereotypical male responses, but many at Lewis & Clark College thought outside the ‘man box.’

Now That I Have Checked My Male Privilege…

JJ Vaughan believes men, while unable to see their privilege, are also unable to see their disadvantage.

In Defense of Men Who Say, ‘We’re Pregnant’

Is the man saying “My body has a child in it?” I think not.

How to Make A Mass Shooter

Dr. Andrew Smiler lists some of the factors that mass shooters have in common. — Another week, another mass killing. This time, at Unpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon. Here in the US, we’ve had shootings in churches, movie theatres, at all types of schools (elementary, high school, colleges), and even military bases. Back in […]

Our Privileged Legacies

Patrick Paglen discusses how privilege is rooted in our love for the legacies bequeathed to us from our ancestors.

Special Snowflake Syndrome

Sincere Kirabo has some new ideas about the age-old problem of men making unwanted advances towards women.

Yes, Men’s Studies. You Got a Problem with That?

Dr. Andrew Smiler argues that Men’s Studies is necessary and the logical complement to Women’s and LGBTQ Studies.  A few weeks ago, the New York Times pondered “A Master’s Degree in…Masculinity?” The headline itself suggests the NYT is not convinced this is a good idea. Placing the article, written by Jessica Bennett, in the Fashion […]

You Can’t Fight Racism with Sexism: A Response to Adam Mansbach

Talia Cooper tells off Salon’s Adam Mansbach for not recognizing male privilege.

Seeing Privilege as Myth: How Men Can Be Better Allies For Women

A man’s harassment of a female bartender inspired Sincere Kirabo to learn from women how men can help.

“Where, oh, Where Can All the Men Be?” Challenges in Men’s Advancement of Social Change

Where are all of the straight, white, cis-gendered men who should be standing up for social change?

Funny or Die’s Satire: A Biting Illustration of White Male Privilege

On the heels of the viral ’10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman’ video, Funny or Die brings us ’10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Man’

Why Men Resist Critiques of Masculinity, and How That Can Change

Alex Bove explains why most men react negatively to the criticism of masculinity.

Queer Polyamory and the Challenges of Male Privilege

Angelus Morningstar explains how queer polyamory challenges ingrained behaviors of masculine dominance within same-sex relationships.

The Nuances of Consent and How Some Men Are Trained to Ignore Them

“When men are unaware of their gender privilege, boundary violations occur,” writes psychologist Sandy Peace.

How Polyamory is Turning Patriarchy on Its Head

Psychologist Sandy Peace discusses how polyamory can check male privilege while fostering open and honest communication among partners.