Male Sexuality And How Shame Hurts Everyone


Arden Leigh thinks we all need to release some of the shame we put on ourselves and on others.

Same Sex Sex and Why We Need to Remove Labels

labeling, same sex relationships

We are all human. How about we just acknowledge ourselves as sexual beings? Whatever make-up that involves becomes individual choice.

What Stereotype About Men Do We Most Need to Bust?


The GMP Editors were asked and they answered. What do you think?

We’ve Always Been Here: Queer Men of History

Mark Weston

Sarah Prager, founder and creator of the free mobile app Quist, illuminates some historical queer men.

Tantra Punk Turns Fighters Into Lovers

Tantra punk Pink Sherbet Photography:Filckr

Ben Lawson, musician and activist, teaches empowerment through sacred sexuality.

The Cock Project: Creating Safe Spaces for the Expression of Male Sexuality

cock project

As a woman, I find safe spaces for the expression of my female experiences and identity to be very validating, powerful, and transformative, and I am glad to see this venue and experience being made available to men.

Male Asexuality and Its Challenge to Masculinity

Male asexual. Have you thought of those words together before?

Marie Crosswell explores assumptions about men, and how an asexual man deeply challenges those assumptions.

What We Get Wrong About Sex


Harris O’Malley explains that for a country that places so much importance on sex, we seem to go out of our way to make ourselves miserable as possible over the subject.

No One Wants to See a Man Naked


Is it possible that Miley Cyrus is making her own decisions? I would say so.

The 30-Year-Old Virgins

the thrity year old virgins

JJ Vincent thinks he finally knows why he and his friends did not understand the 30-year-old virgins.

How to Talk With Your Sons About Robin Thicke

Robin Thicke

Eric Clapp refuses to place the scandal of the VMAs entirely on Miley Cyrus—wasn’t Robin Thicke’s performance just as scandalous?

A Better Model of Male Sexuality in the World of Gay Pride

GMP Pride Picture

Gay Pride as a model of straight male sexual freedom.

The Lying Fiction of a War on Men

Military Pic for GMP

Reforming gender: We’re all in this together.

Moving Beyond Sexuality into Masculinity

male affection, male friendships, male athletes, male teammates, male teamwork, gay men in sports, coming out as gay, gay pride, gay acceptance, Jason Collins

Mainstream acceptance of gay men represents a shift in how we see masculinity.

Love, Robots and Cybersex Addiction


A laptop, Skype, and teledildonics. The new sexual revolution is already transmitting its way through sensors into your home. But will it devolve the way we connect to each other?

What is Premature Ejaculation?

maintaining an erection, curing premature ejaculation, learning ejaculatory control, stay hard longer

You can decide how long the party lasts.