The Men of Marvel’s Agent Carter


They’re more than just sexist jerks, they’re the heroes of a different show.

What Does it Take to be a Man? [Music]

what does it take to be man

Pulp find their way around the statement, “I’m a Man.”

On Microaggressions


Being a man doesn’t mean you don’t get daily doses of nasty gender stereotypes.

Shia LaBeouf Says He Was Raped. Will Anyone Listen?

broken by taylor mcbride 6800756664_78f03c383f_o

Andrew Smiler discusses ways in which male stereotypes make it hard to care that LaBeouf was raped.

You Won’t Be Able to Get This Out of Your Head


Take a break, shut the door, and get ready to move.

10 Impossible Expectations for the Dating Man

lovers in front of the moon

Do women really expect this from men or do they like seeing us squirm?

That Muscle Music Video

muscle music

Does this guy reinforce body stereotypes, or is his performance good old fun?

India’s Champion Boxer Breaks Stereotypes Left and Right

Mary Kom

Broken gender stereotypes, strong male role models, an Indian stay at home dad, Mary Kom’s story has it all!

5 New Rules for Manhood: The Need for a Mansformation

mansformation, manhood, masculinity

I’m tired of being tired. Being a man today is exhausting, and it’s time to fight back. It’s time to redefine what a man is, what a man does, and who a man should be.

The 3 Biggest Myths About Men


Jordan Gray talks about the three most challenging myths that men deal with regarding sex, money, and their emotions.

Tales of the Henpecked Husband


The image of the henpecked husband is nothing new, and neither is its effect on masculinity.

Isn’t this man lip syncing to Celine Dion hilarious?

man copy

Dillan DiGiovanni thinks this man lip syncing to Celine Dion is pretty funny and a little bit sad.

Why Is Long Hair Still Not Acceptable In Business?

long hair

Andrew Carlson wonders why so many people in the business world still make negative assumptions about long-haired men.

Why App Creators Need To Rethink Their Approach To Designing “For Women”

Screenshot of Clue

There are tons of apps out there that fall short when it comes to design. Mike LaVigne, the creative force behind the highly rated menstrual cycle app Clue, suggests moving beyond the stereotypes.

If a Single Film Could Change the Way We Raise Boys, It Might Just Be This One

boy 2

For many boys across America, living up to male stereotypes, burying emotions and feeling alone is the norm. “The Mask You Live In” is trying to crush this problem by confronting it head on.

What You Can Learn About a Person by Their Legs

legs photo by sick boyy

JJ Vincent asks you to consider what you can learn about a person by their bare legs.