Yes, Old Dogs Can Learn New Tricks

Once a vibrant young boy, full of life and joy, abuse left him feeling worthless. But helping others gave him back his life.

What is it Like to Be a Guy Living With PTSD From Childhood Sexual Abuse?

Male survivors experience dissociation, flashbacks, anxiety, and depression, but the stigma makes it difficult to ask for help.

Resolve to Support Wellbeing in 2015!

These simple actions will enrich lives

#GMPChat Wednesday, October 1st with Guest @MaleSurvivorOrg

We’re having a powerful Twitter chat about healing for male survivors of sexual abuse on Wednesday October 1st 9:00pm Est

The Dirty Little Secret Behind Statistics About Men

Scott is a man who represents many widely quoted studies and surveys, but there’s one he would never have shown up on, until now.

What Happened When I Told: A Boy’s Sexual Assault Story

The neighbor boy came into my room and asked if I knew anything about sex.

Support Letters Wanted: South-South Institute on Sexual Violence Against Men & Boys

Want to help male survivors of sexual abuse? Here’s a great opportunity.

Violence and Victimization: Stereotypes of Dangerous Men

Are male survivors of abuse more likely to become violent, themselves?

What Is the True Measure of a Man?

We can’t choose our fathers, but we can find our own role models, says Donald D’Haene, who found inspiration in the real and scripted lives of Sidney Poitier.

No Longer a Victim

Donald D’Haene was on ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’—twice—as a survivor of sexual abuse, not a victim.


One man’s pleasureland is another man’s nightmare.

The Impala Suicide Slide

Rob Brown is in crisis: running 140 MPH from childhood terrors.

When to Tell

Abuse survivor Rob Brown kept his secret hidden from his family for years. When he finally told, he realized that it may have been too late for his marriage.