A Short Film on Abuse and Violence Against Men

A Short Film by Daniel Wilkinson

Lee and Carla are a husband and wife couple affected by abuse and domestic violence, but Lee is the victim.

Are You Strong Enough to Really Listen?


Chris Anderson explains the ways people unfairly dismiss victims of violence and trauma, and offers 3 tips for supporting survivors.

Invisible Victims: Men in Abusive Relationships


Harris O’Malley looks at the victims of abuse who are often ignored or even made fun of – men – and reminds them that it is not their fault.

George Will: Championing Male Paranoia, Ignorance, and the Status Quo

George Will

Roger Canaff refuses to accept George Will’s attempts to use one anecdote to dismiss the reality of every male or female survivor of sexual violence.

The Child Is Always the Victim – Yes, Even If He’s a Boy


Chris Anderson explains that when the media frames male victims of sexual abuse as “lovers”, the world becomes a less safe place for children.

Do You Apply Your Awareness To Your Inner Circle?


To all the service providers and volunteers in the movement to end childhood sexual abuse and improve resources for the 19 million (and more) men dealing with it’s effects: keep teaching, keep talking, those closest to you are listening.

Recovery on Yellow Brick Road, Part 2


Like so many men who experienced sexual abuse as boys, John was deeply confused by the experience. Here’s a metaphor for how he faced the sense of betrayal, boundary confusion and distrust.

Responding to Controversy: Peace, Love and Friendship On The Internet


Can two total strangers embrace each other’s perspective on a sensitive issue in just a few comments to a post? On the internet?

Listen Up: It’s Time To Stop Saying Men Who Are Raped By Women Are “Lucky”


Amy Lawson, a mother of two boys, wonders why people like Bill Maher still think it’s okay to deny the reality of men and boys being raped.

‘It’s For Your Own Good’ – When Abuse Masquerades as Motivation


Research explains the degree to which emotional pain does, in fact, hurt us. Dixie Gillaspie explains this everyday abuse.

News to Know: Law & Order: SVU Will Air Male-Centered PSA’s on April 27


Steve LePore, Director of 1in6.org, invites all to celebrate the milestone moment that will happen on April 27 before and after each episode of Law & Order: SVU.

Please, Don’t Tell Survivors of Abuse To “Get Over It”


Please, says David Pittman, be careful what you say to those in pain.

So You’ve Read My Rape Story – Now What?


After telling the story of his rape, Nico Lang found a lot of support. But he also found harassment and accusations. Here, five tips for how to support the survivors in your life.

Yet Another Teenage Boy Is Struggling With the Normalization of His Rape

AP Photo/Alberto E. Rodriguez

Rape has never been about seduction. It has always been and will always be about power.

What I Wish I Had Known


Svava Brooks explains that you cannot heal your life if you keep giving your power to the people that hurt you then and are hurting you now.

Getting Away With Murder: Child Predators

man in shadows

David Pittman, and other survivors like him, are frustrated with how sexual predators have been getting away with the murder of the innocence of childhood.