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Christopher M. Anderson says a full understanding of trauma must inform advocacy efforts for abuse survivors.

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As responsible sports fans and caring humans, we can do more to fight sexual violence.

The No-Win Situation Every Male Domestic Violence Survivor Faces

David Pisarra explains how men are trained not to hit back, then shamed for not defending themselves.

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Five things you probably didn’t know about the rape of men (yes, even by women).

The Unfortunate Rape and Preventable Suicide of Milo Arthur

Male victims of rape and sexual abuse matter and should be supported.

What’s to Blame for Josh Duggar? Institutionalism, Not Christianity

The numbers are undeniable – sexual abuse happens everywhere: Among the religious and non-religious alike. Roger Canaff explains.

Rape Jokes: Comedians, Please Stop Using My Trauma for Your Material

Do survivors a solid, would you? Stop pretending that people who get hurt are too sensitive.

Mary Kay LeTourneau is Not a Lover, She’s a Rapist

We cannot allow the media to romanticize and downplay child sexual assault. This is not a love story. This is a horrifying story of abuse.

Dear Survivor: There is Light in The Shadows

Luka Vaughan speaks directly to you from his own experience overcoming childhood sexual abuse.

How Childhood Trauma Affects Us As We Grow

When you fail, is it your fault? When you succeed, is it just dumb luck? Garen Amirian explains how your views on failure and success could link back to your childhood.

Finding the Right Lens

The Business of Preventing Violence

Adoption and Trauma

Tom Andriola on surviving trauma as an adoptee.

Facing the Reality of Sibling Sexual Abuse

Sibling abuse is one of the least understood forms of sexual abuse happening to children. Dr. Robin Landwehr explores why we tend to minimize it, and how dangerous that can be.