So You’ve Read My Rape Story – Now What?


After telling the story of his rape, Nico Lang found a lot of support. But he also found harassment and accusations. Here, five tips for how to support the survivors in your life.

Yet Another Teenage Boy Is Struggling With the Normalization of His Rape

AP Photo/Alberto E. Rodriguez

Rape has never been about seduction. It has always been and will always be about power.

What I Wish I Had Known


Svava Brooks explains that you cannot heal your life if you keep giving your power to the people that hurt you then and are hurting you now.

Getting Away With Murder: Child Predators

man in shadows

David Pittman, and other survivors like him, are frustrated with how sexual predators have been getting away with the murder of the innocence of childhood.

Supporting Male Survivors Doesn’t Detract From Protecting Females


Chris Anderson of Male Survivor explains that males are being trafficked and exploited at higher levels than most people assume.

Our Very Own ‘Breakfast Club’ of Support


For survivors of childhood sexual abuse, it’s easy to get caught up in day-to-day living and to forget about helping others. David Pittman is here to ask, “What are you willing to do?”

Are Youth Offenders Victims As Well?


We must move beyond seeing youth offenders as merely criminals. They are victims in need of love as well.

Dear Allison (or Vile Female Rape Apologists Are Vile)

distress- Davi Ozolin-flickr

James Landrith believes that compassion should not have gender labels, nor be attached to a cynical hierarchy of suffering.

Men Aren’t Obsolete…

man alone statue

…but MaleSurvivor Executive Director Christopher M. Anderson thinks that reflexive and stigmatizing rhetoric that degrades people should be.

Survivor Advocacy is Real Work (or I’m Not Your Dancing Monkey)

Not your dancing monkey photo by I See Modern Britain

James Landrith, survivor of sexual assault, does advocacy work. He doesn’t do it for entertainment. He does it to help other survivors and create social change.

Why Am I Still Not Healed?


Here’s something I say to myself regularly: I am not quite healed. I am a healing-in-progress.

The Special Gifts I Threw Away


As a survivor of abuse, Eirik Rogers spent many years suspicious of the kindness of others.

Do You Know How to Listen to a Survivor’s Story?

truth to light

As survivors, we often don’t feel worthy of someone believing our stories. But believe me, you deserve people who are willing to listen.

To the Victim at Steubenville, From a Man Who Understands

Steubenville  AP

Braden Schecter wants the rape survivor from Steubenville, and all other survivors, to know that they’re not alone.

When Does the Worst Day of Your Life Turn Into the Best?

storm rainbow

David Pittman is honest about the most brutal aspects of his past because he needs others to know that there is hope.

Helping My Son Recover From Sexual Assault: A Father’s Diary – Part Two

family silhouettes

What do you do, as a father, when your adult son is raped? You tell him you love him, you stand by him, make him laugh and maybe even take him to the zoo.