A Gay, Aboriginal, Introverted Male (And Not At All What You’d Expect That Means)

The long walk photo by vinoth chandar

Dameyon Bonson has a few stereotypes he’d like to dispel.

Married to the Masculine: I Want a Divorce!


Steven Lake flies backward in time to understand how he has conceptualized masculinity and what it means to be “male.”

The Lonely Male: Struggling to Find Connection through Masculine Armor

lonely man photo by Gumez

Richard Nicastro reminds us that men can feel lonely–even when sitting right next to their partners or spouses.

Even After 39 Years of Marriage, It Still Doesn’t Define Me

Marriage Doesn't Define Me photo by stilltheone1

There’s a stereotype out there that men lose their identities when they get married. Tom Brechlin disagrees.

This is Real. Facebook Adds List of New Gender Options

Just some of the customizable gender choices from Facebook.

Users asked. Facebook listened. They’ve added a customizable list of terms and pronouns for people to identify their gender.

Lads, It’s Time for Some Meninism

The Lads photo by mockney_piers

George Gillet believes that strict gender norms can affect men in damaging ways. Let him count the ways.

The Dream of an Inclusive Masculinity

Macho and Masculine Photo by muscle dominator

Jackson Bliss grew up in a world of fixed and simplistic gender roles. Only recently has he understood how complex masculinity truly is.

New Year, New Masculinity

Men of Quality Support Gender Equality

Sebastian Molano shares a new resolution to pursue a “new masculinity.”

The Long and Righteous Road


Mark Sherman says that our society is gradually recognizing the full humanity of all of us, even if it sometimes seems like it’s taking forever.

Why We Need More Than Three Genders


Barbara King examines the case for extending gender labels beyond the binary … and beyond.

Unlocking the Gender Straitjacket


Peter Folan sees an opportunity for growth, not ‘The End of Men.’

Bigorexia: Masculinity and the Pursuit of Muscularity


Jasmine Peterson wonders why so many big men want to be bigger.

Suit, Tie, and Tolerance: 10 Questions About Gender

suit and tie

JJ Vincent asked a 43-year-old about gender, identity, self-expression, and what defines a man.

I’ll Take Body Image Issues for $1000, Please, Alex

bike racing body image photo by

David Stanley used to be a racing cyclist with a body so taut that his buttoned and zipped pants would slide off off him. But he was never really satisfied with how his body looked.

Women Who Follow the NFL


Is football merely a man’s sport? No way.

All Souls’ Day

the butcher

Steven Garbin’s depression brings him perilously close to suicide. His support network brought him back.