Our Marriage—the Steam Train

Marriage is that sturdy, long-distance engine in need of constant energy.

Her Death is Not a Blessing—and Mental Health Writers Need to Know This

As writers, we have a responsibility to do no harm. Here are some suggestions for how to think about difficult topics.

Read This or My Children Will Starve!

Click-bait, listicles, faux-controversy, and faux-outrage are nothing new, especially in publishing.

‘We Could’ve Gone to McDonald’s!’—Said My Kids Never

Their choices as parents somehow extended to what the kids want at dinner time.

6 Ways To Stop Taking Things So Personally (Especially When You’re a Person)

It’s not all about you! …Or is it?

His Mentors Showed Up to Help Him Find His Voice

Mentors can take on various forms for those ready to learn.

What to Expect from Friends Wanting to See Your Newborn Baby

Have you seen the baby yet? Ya gotta see the baby!

Love, Emotional Vulnerability, and Safety All in the Same Kiss

When the demon is unleashed, love still has to mean passion for your mate—without manipulation.

A Good Man Finds the True Love He’s Deserved

Did he get better at love, or did his heart finally catch up with his brain?

A Profile in Extraordinary Inspiration: Corey Reed

Both blind and an amputee, Corey Reed inspires those around him with humility and grace.

The Man’s Guide to Sleeping Better

How did you sleep last night?

What Don’t You Believe Anymore? (Call for Submissions)

As a person, parent, adult, or worker–what don’t you believe in, hold to, or trust anymore?

Four Solid Truths About Preventing School Shootings—and What We Can Do

Want to know the truth about preventing mass shootings in schools?

Would America Vote for an Atheist and Satanist for Senate? Would You?

Education, jobs, jails—and a Satanist agenda?

Oh My God! They Stole Butters! You Dirtbags! —South Park Stole His Identity

He was, and is, and forever will be: Butters.

Why This Dad Hates Participation Trophies

When we reward everyone, no one learns.