Defining the ‘Man Card’: Loving Someone Without Overpowering Them

If having a ‘man card’ means you treat your wife as your property, that you dominate and order her around, then no. My husband doesn’t have one of those cards.

How Do You Find Your Masculinity?

Harris O’Malley on how we define and understand what it means to be a man.

Turning The Man Card on Its Head: Taking a Look at What Makes the Man – Part I

Our “Man Cards” examine compelling men of past and present and demonstrate the variation and range of masculinity. Our first series spans from Ernest Hemingway and Ben Franklin to Justin Timberlake, Robert Downey Jr., Anderson Cooper and Ichiro Suzuki.

Help! I’ve Lost My Man Card and Can’t Get It Back

Phillip Chesnut is a cup-cake decorating guy who cares about his kids—not a bearded mountain man. Can he get his man card back?

NFL Hazing and Jonathan Martin’s “Man Card”

Cliff Leek explores the culture of hazing and why Jonathan Martin is being attacked for his decision to leave the NFL.

I Can’t Fix A Darn Thing

It’s very manly to be able to repair things… in theory.

10 Things You Should Never Say to a Dad

From unsolicited advice to saying a dad is daddysitting, Jason Moles just wants the stupid to stop.

“Find what matters to you and hunt it down like Teddy Roosevelt would a wildebeest, or Hemingway would a Marlin.”

This comment was by Thomas Pluck on the post A Letter to Masculinity

Ryan Mcrae: The MAN Card

For Ryan Mcrae, “being a man isn’t about doing what they say, it’s about doing what you want.”

Delusions of Mandeur

A real man doesn’t or is or shouldn’t and can but must never or has but not always, sometimes.

[VIDEO] Glenn Beck Calls Obama “A Full-Fledged Woman”

In the tangled mind of Glenn Beck, rational thoughts on parenting are enough to have your “Man Card” revoked.

Unwanted Sexual Advance ≠ Bravery

In a commercial for Audi, the transforms a socially awkward teenager into a sexually aggressive animal.

Bushmaster and the Cult of Masculinity

Men have some catching up to do with women, in shedding the stigma of gender nonconformity.

Learning How to Grow

After a stroke, Bryce Emley’s father suffers permanent physical and mental impairment, but the cruelest effect has been the damage to his manhood.

Bushmaster Rifles Has Been Running The Most Evil Ads I’ve Ever Seen

How do you defend your fragile masculinity? With a gun! Prepare to throw up in your mouth.

Screw You, and Screw Your Man Card

Drew Magary has some words for Miller Lite.