Today’s Man Cave Friendships Started in a Treehouse

The neighborhood treehouse was a meeting place where boys became men on their own terms.

Notes From The Kitten Cave

For close to two months, I was experiencing some measure of happiness. I was watching baseball in the basement, beers an arm’s length, screaming at the television. I was in my element, actually enjoying life.

Of Kings and Castles: The Soothing Effects of Man Space

A man’s personal space is a reflection of himself, how he views the world, and how he sees himself in it.

3 Reasons Every Guy Needs His “Guy Time”

Guys needs their “guy time”, that’s no surprise. It can be a mystery, however, as to why guys need such time. — You think it’s great that your guy wants to spend so much time with you. It’s wonderful how selfless he is and how he sacrifices everything to be with his family. But your […]

5 Ways to Fix (and Feminize) the Man Cave

Let’s make the “male spaces” feminist already.

The Mancave Has Grown Up

And now the whole family can enjoy it!

Meet 12 of the Coolest Man Caves We’ve Ever Seen

A garage, spare bedroom or a basement; every man needs his own space in the house.

My Husband Wants a Man Cave

It took a bolt of lightning to open the door on the hoard of memories that stood between him and his refuge. — My husband and I have been empty-nesters for quite some time now since our son left for college in 2005. About three years ago I converted his room to my office, removing […]

Breaking the Man-Box: How Women Can Help

Breaking out of the Man-Box isn’t easy. But men of all ages are doing it and Theresa Byrne wants to show women how to help.

The Waco Shooting, Macho Masculinity, and the “Breastaurant”

Is the “Ultimate Man Cave” business model an open invitation for violent misdeeds as well as machismo mischief?

A Place To Rest, Create and Call My Own

Realizing that a place to grieve was critical to his healing, Ashton D’Silva Marcon turned to his new space.

Ten Things I Love About My Wife

Okay guys, here’s my list. What’s yours?

There’s a Fine Line to Being the Only Man in the House

Being the only man in a house full of females is a daily exercise in sensitivity.

Shark Week: Close Encounters With Jeff Kurr

Discovery Channel Shark Week producer and shark expert Jeff Kurr has more advice for finding—and avoiding—close encounters of the shark kind on your summer vacation.

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What Women Look for in a Bachelor Pad

What does your home say about you as a potential mate?

NYC Grocery Store Launches “Man Aisle”

What would you stock in your “man aisle”?