To Find a Perfect Man, Look No Further than Your BBQ

Wanted: A Man of Steel. Please send photos of your abs and your tools.

Wonder Woman is Comic Faithful in ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’

Alex Yarde shares spoiler filled video detailing Wonder Woman’s armor, weapons plus ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice’ tidbits

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Do we judge female and male Comic Book Movie actors differently? Alex Yarde says absolutely.

The Boy Scout, The Warrior & The Detective

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Superman Belongs to Everyone

Alex Yarde, a comics superfan, breaks down Zach Snyder’s Man of Steel.

There’s No Superman in Man of Steel

It’s a decent action/sci-fi movie… but Superman doesn’t appear in it.

Being “Human” Made Him Super

Frailty, Loss and Fatherhood; inside the distinctly mortal experiences that made the “Man of Steel”

I Still Believe a Man Can Fly: Holding on to Hope in the Face of Tragedy

In the wake of the bombings in Boston, Alex Yarde realizes that the best Fortress of Solitude can be a blanket-fort and a tea party, attended by his two young children.

Superman and Innovation – Who Will Be the Maccabees?

Sam Sattin wonders, how do we tell the difference between the revolutionary and the trivial?

Man of Steel

Geeks everywhere have dreamed of swinging on web lines, wielding a powerful hammer or even wearing the cape and cowl; but more geeks have worn an “S” in hopes of flying through the air like the superhero of all superheroes-Superman.

Animation: Coldcast & The Elite Battle The Man of Steel in New Animated Feature [@dccomics]

Four murderous “heroes” oppose the big blue boy scout in a new direct-to-DVD animated film from Warner Animation.

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Cementing his place in comic book cinematic lore, the man who was Morpheus takes on journalism.

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Dollhouse actor Harry Lennix is in talks to join the DC-based reboot, The Man of Steel