Mark Horvath: Shattering the ‘Self-Made Man’ Myth

Mark Horvath, by pooling resources and drawing on thousands of social media addicts, is working to show how communities can effect change.

Man of the Day: Artis Jenkins

Infidelity is a tough subject to tackle. But Artis Jenkins hasn’t let that deter him. As founder of the Manogamy Movement—a blog, a brand, a voice—he has started an important conversation about why it’s still manly to be monogamous.

Man of the Day: Morris Callaman

“I think the worst thing a human being can do to another human being is to interfere with his perception of reality.”

Man of the Day: Mark Crea

Mark Crea is the executive director of Feed My Starving Children. Based in Minnesota, the organization distributes scientifically developed food to starving children in 67 different countries.

Man of the Day: Jim Newton

Real estate and glass blowing aren’t two things you’d normally put together—until you meet Jim Newton.

Rick Stoddard on Fox 25 in Boston

Though he spends most of his time traveling, speaking at schools, and writing books, Rick took the time to talk to the folks over at Fox 25 for their weekly Good Men Project segment.

Man of the Day: Chace Baptista

Baptista is developing an interactive video game—based on real situations—that teaches young people how to have healthy relationships.

Man of the Day: Erik Proulx

A week after asking for a raise and a promotion from his position at a major New York City advertising agency, he was laid off, jobless like so many others.

Man of the Day: Dan Sosland

Dan Sosland is the founder of Environment Northeast, one of the largest climate and energy policy nonprofits in the region. He talks to us about his work and what it means to be a good man.

Man of the Day: Dana Leong

Leong has become one of the youngest faculty members of the Stanford music department (he was 16) and produced his distinctive jazz hip-hop fusion to widespread accolades.

Man of the Day: Khaled Abughazaleh

Maxillofacial surgeon Khaled Abughazaleh is part of the Palestinian Children’s Relief Fund, which works to provide free medical service to Palestinian children and sends volunteer medical missions to the Middle East.

Man of the Day: Ed Patuto

Patuto is the new executive director of ISSUE Project Room, “a rare opportunity for artists to go beyond the norm.”

Man of the Day: Keith Taylor

Forbes called Keith Taylor “the Muhammad Yunus for America’s working poor.” And he’s our “Man of the Day.” We caught up with him for a quick interview.

Man of the Day: Gregory Stromberg

It’s easy to get jaded working for a corporation. But Gregory Stromberg, whose day job is at INX International Ink Co., saw an opportunity to do good with an unusual object: cans.

Man of the Day: Eric Demby

Eric Demby is the co-founder of the Brooklyn Flea, a relatively new (and welcome) addition to Brooklyn’s hang-out spots.

Man of the Day: Ben Schumaker

Ben Schumaker can do a hundred pushups and once beat up a machete-wielding thief. But it’s his art initiative, the Memory Project, that makes him our Man of the Day.