Man-to-Man with NFL Running Back Rashad Jennings of the New York Giants

“There’s nothing special about me, I’m just in a special position.” —Rashad Jennings

(Hopefully) An Unforgettable Interview of the (Definitely) Unforgettable George Lange

Author and ad guy Mark St. Amant chats with noted photographer and co-author of “The Unforgettable Photograph”, George Lange.

The Multi-Hyphenite Guy: Randy Ham Talks to David Hill

Randy Ham sits down with Comedian-Actor-Musician-Writer-Television Personality-Radio Host David Hill for a lively one-on-one.

Everyday Hero

Marquis Evans has become something of celebrity in New York and the Hudson Valley over the last few years. Here’s why.

Why Men Are So Obsessed With Sex

Steve Bearman looks at some of the influences in men’s lives that can lead to an obsession with sex…and how that can be overcome.

Man-to-Man with Ned Breslin of Water For People

Cameron Conaway interviews award-winning social entrepreneur Ned Breslin.

Man-to-Man with Professional Boxer Chase Corbin

Boxing Talk stated the following about undefeated professional boxer Chase Corbin: “Growing up in the tough streets of Philly, hanging with the wrong crowds, being incarcerated, and pretty much fighting for his life in horrific situations are experiences that have made Chase Corbin the man and fighter he is today: a father, family man and […]

Jason Lee’s Fantastical Images of Childhood

Jason Lee isn’t your typical photographer… Or your typical dad. Joanna Schroeder chats with the artist behind the dazzling photos.

Kenyth Mogan: The Geek Pop Star from Montana

Kenyth Mogan talks to Good Men Project’s Savas Abadsidis about growing up gay in Montana, music, manhood, and artistic heros.

An Idea for a Film Scribbled on a Prison Napkin: An Interview With Rahman Moore

Rahman Moore, independent filmmaker, spoke with Savas Abadsidis about drug laws, rap music and how he got his start making films.

Poker? I Don’t Even Know Her! (And other horrible, rejected titles for my chat with STRAIGHT FLUSH author, Ben Mezrich).

Mark St. Amant talks to Ben Mezrich about fame, manhood, kids, STRAIGHT FLUSH, and waking up under a pile of hookers in a Dubai hotel (or not).

The Unchangeable Spots of Leopards: An Interview with Kristopher Jansma

Savas Abidadis talks to Kristopher Jansma about his new book “The Unchangeable Spots of Leopards”.

Man-to-Man with Author and Adventurer Jason Foux

“Jason Foux had an itch. And like any itch, it wasn’t going to leave him alone until it was scratched.” An interview by John Swartz.

Man-to-Man with Author John-Paul Flintoff

John-Paul Flintoff believes we need to reframe how we think about achieving our goals and changing the world.

Man-to-Man with Rotarian and Polio-Survivor Ramesh Ferris – Part 2

Part 2 of our interview with Ramesh Ferris, a modern-day warrior on a mission to eradicate polio.

Man-to-Man with Rotarian and Polio-Survivor Ramesh Ferris – Part 1

Ramesh Ferris is a modern-day warrior on a mission to eradicate polio.