An Open Letter to the Target Boycotters: Your Silence is Deafening

For all those Target protestors today, where was the outrage when we actually needed it to save our women and children from worse fates?

If This Was Your Transgender Child, How Would You Protect Her?

As men, women, parents, and compassionate and understanding humans, how would you protect her when it comes to the “bathroom debate”?

Baby, We Were Born to Run—and Heal—and Live

The best, most memorable lyrics can take on new meaning as we run through life.

Let Me Be Frank: The Pride of a Stay-at-Home-Dad

Are stay-at-home-dads as rare as unicorns? Not for Frank—and a lot of dads these days.

Why Men and Dads Should Read Babyfat by Pauline M. Campos

Pauline M. Campos gives the real, raw, inspiring story of the years after having the baby.

The Rights All Men are Entitled to—and the Unicorns Who are Left

This week, Joe Medler creates his own ‘Bern’ defending the greatest social constructs and the ideas behind them.

The Catch-22 of Emotional Availability

Emotional Connection and the City: where have the good men gone?

This Hero is Embracing Change at All Costs, One New Trick at a Time

After being a stubborn, lazy, cowardly idiot, our hero has finally come to fight to hold on to the one who means the world to him.

Teaching Boys About Women’s Sexuality—One Brutally Honest Day at a Time

We must teach our boys about the value of women outside of their bodies and the bedroom.

Can Mindfulness Harm Men?

Mindfulness is loving and compassionate, not something men should fear.

I Wish I Had Told You That I Celebrate My Son

We must do our best by our sons, whatever therapy that might entail.

A Conservative’s Plea to Work Together—a Must Listen for both Sides of the Aisle

If liberals and conservatives could combine their obsessive worldviews, we could lift up all people.

What Have You Had Enough Of? (Call for Submissions)

From ads about drugs to zombies, what are we overly saturated with in today’s society?

Trump vs. Bernie Never Sounded So Funny

@midnight hosted the only debate worth watching this week.

If You Love Her, Give Her What She Needs—Without the Fairytale

She warrants authentic, noble love, and a man who accepts her as she is.

Manly Men and the Men Who Man Them (Call for Submissions)

Who are the men in your life who have helped make you a better man?