What Does Being a Man Mean to You?

What Does Being by Sincere

Sincere Kirabo is still learning what it means to be man … and we can learn a lot from him.

Do Any of Us Really Need to “Just Grow a Pair?”

pair of pears

Strength, courage, and life success really aren’t about body parts or hormones, so let’s stop using slang terms for them to shame anyone of any gender.

Men: Dispelling the Mystery

man mask

Tamara Star pulls back the curtain and peers behind the male facade.

Breaking the Boys Code of Masculinity

Breaking the Boys Code by TEDx Talks

20 years after his 16-year-old sister was murdered, Bill Pozzobon found himself interviewing for a job in violence prevention and ended up tackling the boys’ code as enemy number one.

Masculinity at a Young Age

rockstar-Lauren Hammond-flickr

Carly Puch can’t wait for the day society stops telling boys to suck it up, to not be a girl, and to stop crying.

“Need to be held responsible 4 more things we have no control over”

socially responsible

The Gunshots #NotAllMen Hear

“Is Masculinity the problem or Its Perception and Distortion by Society?”


The Patterns In Mass Shootings and a Conversation About Men

Down With “Man Up”

man up

Is society’s term “man up” the scapegoat for our lack of evolution in dealing with male emotion in our boys?

Open Call For Male Playwrights

man up

Ready to get that short play of yours out of your head and onto the stage? Here’s your chance.

5 Reasons I Don’t Say “Man Up”


Kyle Ashlee highlights the importance of Duke University’s #YouDontSay campaign.

Ban Bossy…But Don’t Stop There

boys dont cry photo by p.s.v

Elke Govertsen believes we need to show the same respect for boys that we do for girls by pushing people to stop using the harmful words in our language like “wimpy”, “sissy” and “be a man”.

Man Up, Like A Woman

Photo: Boston Public Library

There is no difference between “you need to harness your sacred masculine energy” and “man up, bro.” None.

All In: Words from the Men of “Manning Up”

Manning Up by Wolf

“Manning Up” is an upcoming anthology of the unique and diverse experiences of trans*men. Here, several of the writers share what the project means to them.

“It’s an amazing thing to discover the child you once were is still there.”

lonely boy

This comment is by Luke Davis on the post I Was That Boy. I Am This Man. I wrote a poem about much the same thing. Its an amazing thing to discover the child you once were is still there and still as awesome as he once was. Where is that boy There is a […]

‘But How Do You Know You’re a Man?': On Trans People, Narrative and Trust

one man

Mitch Kellaway talks about a hard question that comes up in his workshops: “How do you know you’re a man?”

We Need to Talk About the C-Word(s)


Andy Fraser steps into the gray area between cowardice and courage—and finds that doing nothing isn’t always the soft option.