7 Ways to Help Increase Your Spouse’s Self-Esteem


There are things every guy can do to help the self-esteem of the woman they love. — I remember fondly when my wife first started telling me I was her hero. It was because I captured a mouse that had terrified her and ran into a closet of our house, so I came to her […]

The Inside Truth About Dating an Independent Woman


She may appear to have no room in her life for a relationship with you, but there’s more to her than meets the eye.  — Have you ever dated a fiercely independent woman? Did you write her off, assuming she didn’t have room in her busy life for you? I can’t speak for all women, but […]

What I Learned From a $2,000 Failed Business


Sometimes the best lessons come from failure, not success. One man shares how he learned this lesson. — Over the last few years, I’ve read dozens of business books and taken lots of online business courses. But, I never expected that some of the greatest lessons I learned would come from my failure. My Story […]

Dealing With Dad


It was a “gift” they weren’t expecting but have come to fully understand.

Three Reasons to Stretch Outside Your Comfort Zone


He sold everything and hit the road with his wife and one-year-old. He thought he was prepared for what happened next.

3 Risks of Getting a Job for Men With Dreams


There is a meltdown in corporate America. Disengaged workers are starting to realize that they can be more. — I lived in this world for about ten years. I was aching for freedom and knew there was more. Witnessed people who’ve seem to have lost their spirit working only by what they feel is the right […]

Finding My True Manhood After Losing My Job


His job was everything, when he lost it, he lost himself. It took a sobering experience to wake him up.

The Daily Sex Challenge: 66 Days Straight


What would your relationship be like if you had sex for 66 days straight? One man is on a journey to find out, and he’s recording the experiment.  — It’s so easy to let life control you. Imagine your joy if your partner said yes to this question, “What do you think about having sex […]

It Takes A Lot To Know A Man


Pretending to be someone you are not is hard work, sooner or later cracks start to appear. — A Poem by: Steve Biddulph There are men who wake up in the morning energized and happy. Whose partners and children love and trust them. Who do work they believe in and enjoy. Have loyal and interesting […]

My 27th Father’s Day Without My Dad


The day her hero took his own life changed her forever. — This Father’s Day will be the 27th one without my dad. Tragically, he committed suicide back when I was in college. Unfortunately, for some of us, Father’s Day isn’t a time to celebrate with the dad we love. It’s more a time of […]

Two Seconds


Kris Bigalk creates eros in few words and a simple gesture.

The House After She’s Gone


Lynn Marie Houston brings us one man’s moment of vulnerability and one woman’s responding compassion.

‘Every Week I Go to Couples Therapy. With My Depression.’


If you don’t know what depression really feels like, you will after hearing this. Brilliant spoken word poem by Patrick Roche.

Can a Man Scare Away a Charging Bear? Why Yes He Can

man scares bear

Ralph Persson and his wife were out walking their dogs in Sweden when they encountered a bear. Ralph took his protector role very seriously here.

On Aaron Hernandez: Athletes Are Just Better Men. Stop Holding Them Accountable (SATIRE!).


Shawn Henfling believes star athletes are simply better men than the rest of us and should be treated as such.



Bill Trüb presents a poem replete with striking–and eerie–imagery.