What My Father’s Death Taught Me About the Importance of Sleep

Perhaps you can’t regret something when you didn’t know any better at the time.

Who is the Modern Man?

The New York Times tried to define him and failed. John Glass is trying now. Should we be defining him? Isn’t it up to men to define themselves?

One Man’s “Spiritual Awakening” In A 12-step Recovery

“Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these steps, we tried to carry this message to alcoholics, and to practice these principles in all our affairs.” – Step 12

Fear of a Number? Phobia of a Friday? Today Is Your Lucky Day!

Theresa Byrne is tired of the superstitious bad rap the number 13 gets and wants to add a little luck to your day.

The Embarrassing Award I Got in High School, and What I’ve Learned Since About Being a Man

Nathan Adlam, and the lesson he learned about how nice guys can finish first.

Comment of the Day: “Were they raised by the softer men or the harder men?”

This comment of the day was by Tom Chill on the post “How Fear and Shame are Killing the Modern Man”.

5 Reasons Every Man Should Have a Side Hustle

View image | gettyimages.com Too many men are frustrated and not engaged in their careers. Starting a side hustle is a low risk way to find something that is right for you. — Kent was working as a youth pastor and had achieved some success. He got promoted a couple of times and was a leader […]

5 Things Alpha Women Wish Men Knew

Love her or hate her, the alpha woman is a misunderstood lady, both by women and men alike.

A Blessing for a Man’s Wild Soul

On the quest for personal authenticity, a benediction for the masculine, feeling heart.

Five Masculine Thoughts for an Empowering Relationship.

Jay Cradeur shares the five things every man must know and embrace if he wants a satisfying and empowering relationship with a woman.

Why A Man Needs A Wild Soul

in the modern technoworld, where identity is only as deep as our business card, or the screen we’re staring at, we need something authentic and alive.

7 Things the Modern Man is Not Afraid to Do

The modern man isn’t without fear. However, there are things he does despite his fears because he knows they have the potential to change the world.

5 Things A Conscious Man Discovers About Manhood

Working on yourself is like peeling an onion; always another layer beneath it to be discovered, examined, and learned from.

The Man Without a Goal

For the first time in his life, Jim Mitchem is without a goal. And he finds it fairly terrifying.

I Was Asked to Give Life Lessons to a 13-Year-Old Boy, Here’s What I Wrote

Here are some things (in no particular order) that might help you on your journey.

How a Dad’s Parenting Style Encourages Entrepreneurship

Dads, sorry we doubted you, but keep it up! We’ve got a future generation of world-changing entrepreneurs to raise.