What’s Your July 4th Story? (Call for Submissions)

What’s your July 4th story?

Better Than Medicine: 5 Foods to Strengthen Your Inner Man

Make thy foods thy medicine!

Men: Which Brass Ring for You—Popularity or Success?

It’s critical that business leaders strike a balance between tyrant and pushover, and it’s all in the style of leadership.

3 Rules for Life from Tyler Williams’ I Have A Voice

Reading I Have a Voice will inspire you to show up fully, be seen, and live your life to the fullest.

Please Cry for Me: Brute Force and Fairy Tales, ABC’s The Bachelorette Recap Ep. 6

Does Jojo suffer from “white male face blindness”?

How to Respond When Your Child Asks ‘When Will I Die?’

This dad didn’t know his two-year-old was capable of such a question, let alone the language to ask it.

What Men Need to Know About Her (and Their) Emotional Vulnerability

We should believe in the power of vulnerability–so don’t wait until your 30s to express your emotions.

What Health Problems Are Men Avoiding? (Call for Submissions)

What physical, emotional, and/or mental health issues are you (and fellow men) ignoring until it goes away (or becomes undeniable)?

More Single Men Are Becoming Fathers Through Adoption and Surrogacy

These days, single men are pushing the boundaries of what defines fatherhood.

How Men Can Boost Their Sexual Performance With Yoga

From enhancing blood flow to elongating performance, yoga can make men better in bed and life.

The Humanity of Others Helped Him Recover After Testicular Cancer: #IAmBallsy Stories—Gael Emonnot

This healthcare specialist learned the humanity and compassion of the industry after beating testicular cancer.

What’s the Best Advice Your Father Ever Gave You? Let’s Ask Dad.

Instead of outright advice, sometimes dads model the behavior that we need the most. The Good Men Project video series “Let’s Ask Dad” seeks to glean all the best advice from these dads and from theirs.

When Karma Leaves a Number 2: How My Wife Became a Poop Doula

Of all the obstacles in parenting life, fear of pooping (and the mess that follows) can be a messy burden for this dad.

How Has the Word ‘Love’ Changed Now That You’re a Father? Let’s Ask Dad

In our “Let’s Ask Dad” video series, these men consider the new meanings of love—and all its incarnations and depths— now that they’re fathers.

After Losing Both Testicles, He Started a New Community #IamBallsy Stories–Andy Coles

Since losing both testicles to TC, he’s become a voice for the gay community and the TC community.

Are Your Children More Like You or More Like Their Mom? Let’s Ask Dad

Genetics, behavior, and personality—which traits do we get from mom over dad, and vice versa? The Good Men Project video series “Let’s Ask Dad” climbs the family trait tree.