6 Things That Are Stopping You From Being Happy

There are no cookie cutter strategies for every person, but if you are struggling, this is a perfect place to start.

7 Destructive Characteristics Entrepreneurs Should Shed in Order to Move Up

“How could I let this happen?” This was the question I asked myself sitting in the parking lot of the Federal Courthouse on May 6, 2009, about to claim bankruptcy.

Brave, but not Wise, Train Surfing

Who hasn’t imagined riding on top of a moving train?

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Is Your Beard a Woman Magnet or a Health Hazard?

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5 Ways to Be a Solid Dad

I’m certainly not a perfect dad by any means, and I learn every day from the mistakes I make. However, I’ll continue to be the best father I can.

How Dr. King Taught Me To Be a Better Dad and Man—You Just Have To Be Kind and Fair

Jeremy McKeen recounts his life among activists and how Dr. King—the thirty-something father and man—taught him how to be a better at life.

A Man’s Guide to Understanding a Woman’s Ambition

If we could meet in the middle and allow each other the space and support to be ourselves, without the feeling of sacrificing one’s sense of self, that would be a perfect world.

How Travel Changes Your Perspective and Can Help You Grow as a Man

The world is big–there’s a lot to do and see. It can give you some invaluable life lessons. If you have the opportunity to travel, pack your bag and get ready to explore.

The Suffering of Seven Billion

“If we could read the secret history of our enemies, we should find in each man’s life sorrow and suffering enough to disarm all hostility.” — Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

The Two Things Every Man Wants But Fears Doing Something About

Deep inside a man’s heart is a burning desire for something more.

Making A Relationship Gratitude List: How To Set A Positive Tone For The New Year

The easiest way to be happy in your relationship is to identify what makes you grateful about the other person. If the list is short you have to look harder . . . or for another person.

Three Ways I’ve Evolved as a Man

Each man should decide his belief system, and how that relates to each aspect of his life.

How One Man Shook His Sweet Tooth

I’ve come to understand that mindful eating is what I do when I make the decision to eat something, rather than just mindlessly consuming it.

5 Ways to Stop Surviving and Start Thriving

While there may be seasons in life to focus on just survival, to fully live, you must thrive!

E Pluribus Unum: Give Me Diversity or Give Me Death

How having a background with ups and downs, as well as mixing with an eclectic variety of groups, is more prone to make you successful.