Six Effective Ways to Have That Difficult Conversation at Work


Managers often avoid difficult conversations, but here are six ways to deliver the message effectively.

How Branding 101 Can Make Leaders More Mindful of Diversity

branding and diversity

Not in terms of the Kardashian-style “personal brands” in vogue these days, but by using the practice’s core principles to make leaders better and more mindful of diversity.

5 Better Ways to Deal With Your Children’s Anger During Divorce

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You can manage your child’s reaction to your divorce and help create a new family full of love and support.

Can You Manage the College Man?

Can You Manage College Man photo by Proscsilas Moscas

Aaron W. Voyles looks at the lens through which we view our work with men.

3 Proven Management Techniques That Work in Any Business

management photo by pedrosimoes

Identify the influencers on your front lines, CEO Peder Johnsen advises.

Being the Unpopular Person

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The unpopular person is not a role most of us are comfortable with but it’s a role almost all of us are thrust into at one point or another in our lives.

Resilience in the Workplace, Part Two


In maintaining a culture of resilience in the workplace, managers must spearhead the charge.

Some Thoughts on Disagreements with Leaders

office fight photo by grenade

Disagreements in the workplace are inevitable. Vaughn Granier give some strategies to tackle them.

“Why did being male make us less in need of assertiveness training?”

photo by angusf

This comment of the day is from Joseph, on the post “It’s Time to Stop Discriminating Against Men (and Women)”

Negotiating Flexible Work Arrangements, Part 3


Address your boss’ concerns about what is fair.

A Simple Secret Weapon


Human beings like to feel appreciated—you wouldn’t think businesses would have to be persuaded of that fact.

Negotiating Flexible Work Arrangements, Part 2


Higher performance, lower turnover: Make your case by presenting your boss with the facts about telecommuting.

Negotiating Flexible Work Arrangements, Part 1


Why bosses say no to flex-time, and what you can do about it.

The New “Women’s Work”: On Being A Male Human Resources Professional


How did human resources become the most female-dominated department at most companies, and what does that mean for a man working in HR?

“Having a perfect career looked great on the outside. But was the stress worth the 5 heart attacks?”


This is a comment by Tom B on the post “Odd Jobbing”.

Do Gay Men Make Better Bosses?

corporate people

Does being an out gay man make you a more compassionate boss?