Frankenstein’s Monster


James Arthur reimagines the classic monster as a fashionable Manhattanite.

Pretending to Be Humans of New York

Pretending to Be by prankdialz

A prankster hits the streets of Manhattan pretending to be Humans of New York’s Brandon Stanton, and the real Stanton rolls with it by saying, “Not bad.”

‘Manhattan’ Is Explosive


Manhattan takes a closer look at our Nuclear Past.

7 Classic Cocktails Every Gentleman Should Know


Just in time for the summer, The Distilled Man has a list of go-to drinks for your get-togethers.

My Hurricane

nyc, sandy, hurricane, new york, blackout, storm,

It has been a year since Hurricane Sandy. Ariel Chesler looks back on the storm and the birth of his daughter.

Men Are Peacocks At Heart

Men Are Peacocks at Heart Carl Bosch

Everywhere Carl Bosch looks, he sees guys who just want to be noticed.

Did Providence Really Intercede, and Get Me Fired?

mean boss

Losing a Job I Loved Changed My Life in Ways I Could Never Have Imagined

Are Americans Spending Too Much On Weddings?


An annual study reveals what American couples spend just to get married.

You Won’t Remember How You Got Through: To Dads Spending Their Day in NICU

Mark Brislin NICU

Mark Brislin walked into the storm that surrounds the birth of a preemie. And walked out changed. His message to NICU dads: You are not alone.

US College Grads Under-Qualified for Employment

student, students, college, college graduates, graduates, skills, computers, programming, engineering, kirk mcdonald

Kirk McDonald tells the cold, hard truth about finding jobs after graduation.

Two Lives, Changed by Murder, Linked by Forgiveness


Two men, joined by murder and redemption, who are now working to keep other young men from making the same mistakes.

Artist Surprises New York City Subway Riders With Instant Portraits


Yuriy Modlikskiy keeps stacks of sketchbooks chronicling the faces of New Yorkers he thought were interesting enough to draw.

Hear What Every Neighborhood Was Like 20 Years Ago from Any Payphone in Manhattan (Video)


Find out what was happening on any block in 1993.

The Mayor of the Locker Room [Fiction]

temperature, heat, power loss, powerlessness, steam room, The Mayor, Max Ross, NYC life

“His position is unofficial and unpaid, but nevertheless he takes the post seriously.” Fiction from Max Ross.

A Quick Response to Mayor Bloomberg’s Failed Giant Soda Regulation

big gulp (530x354)

Jeff Bogle explains why mandated elimination will not change poor eating habits in the US.

Patience: The Art of Peaceful Living

burned out airliner

How can practicing Buddhism save you from a burning wreck?