Be a Man: What You Should Know About Manliness

Manliness is not always defined by what you do, but by the legacy you leave. I want to leave a legacy to teach my children to think outside the box.   Men, will you lend me your ear for a moment? Or in this case, your eyes. I am not here to preach to you, […]

Butterflies, Flowers and Vacuums are for Boys!

It is time to get comfortable with the uncomfortable in order to break down stereotypes for boys.

What if There is No Man Box?

What if the only reason the man box exists is because we built it?

Dear Son, Some Advice on Becoming A Man

Mom Christine Walker has wisdom and advice for her son as he grows into manhood. She shares it in this letter.

What Happened to the Metrosexual Man?

Are labels just a way for insecure men to feel more manly?

How I Stopped Hating Her for Dumping Me

Author Jay Cradeur shares 5 steps for transforming heartache and anger to love and compassion. It starts with saying three words you don’t want to hear.

Why the “Dream Job” Is a Myth

There is no such thing as the “perfect” job. Here is why.

“The Mask You Live In” Challenges Everyday Ideas of Masculinity. Screening + Panel Discussion

Sundance Film Festival Documentary film “The Mask You Live In” probes toxic masculinity in America

Chasing Down the ‘Real Man’

Quentin Lucas found himself in the military, facing court martial, before he could begin to see what a ‘real man’ might be.

Why Men Paid Me To Bury Them Alive

Author Jay Cradeur shares how a night buried in Mother Earth can change everything for a man.

Man’s Dilemma: How Do I Know if I Measure Up?

Boys and men need these rites of passage to build their confidence and self-awareness.

25 Things to Do By the Time You’re 25

Facing your quarter-life crisis or in your early 20’s? Here are 25 awesome things to do by the time you’re 25.

I Was Asked to Give Life Lessons to a 13-Year-Old Boy, Here’s What I Wrote

Here are some things (in no particular order) that might help you on your journey.

Death and Taxes and Stuff

Andrew Scott is excited by a future where the cultural expectations of men to “suck it up” are addressed maturely and with pride…no matter the topic.

A Man’s Reflections, the Beauty of the Beast

You can go beyond skin-deep and still be looking for love in all the wrong places.

A Double-Minded Man, Unstable in All My Ways

A wise rabbi once said “let tomorrow fend for itself”. So I’m slowly alleviating the pressure of having to always have it right today, first time, the need to know it all.