My Body is Amazing, I Just Don’t Like It

body image

In a world of conflicting images, Mike Reynolds explores how to teach his children to find the amazing in their bodies even as he struggles to like his own.

Differences Between Men and Women are More Than the Sum of Their Genes


The difference between men and women lies not in the number of their differing genes, but in what the genes do.

Evolution, Men, and Inspiration: Beating the One in A Million Chance

man on the brink of evolution

Yes, things are largely a mess but, strangely enough, that is always a prerequisite for an evolutionary shift.

The Man Who Carried Snakes

boy and grandfather

The search for manhood is like climbing a cliff to jump into a lake, going up is easy, but it’s a long way down.

8 Reasons Why Online Dating Might Not Be Working for You


Online dating isn’t harder or easier than “real life” dating, guys. All it takes is time and energy to master the best social practices.

The Inevitability of Men Facing Themselves


The final truth is the man you’ve become. How does he stack up against the hopeful, younger version of yourself ?

How to Avoid Perfectionism and Burn-out, Close Friends to Each Other and Men


Perfection is an unattainable standard which ultimately offers nothing but misery for those that try.

Can You Win at Sex? Seven Reasons Men Need to Check Their Competitive Streak at the Bedroom Door


Is your need to compete in the bedroom holding you back in other areas of your relationship?

Why Shave if You Don’t Have to


A fresh line up on my beard brings extra confidence every time I look into the mirror.

When “Mrs. Dad” Realized Her Stay-at-Home Husband Isn’t “Mr. Mom”


A working mom reflects on her fears versus the reality of her husband as a stay-at-home dad.

There is No Such Thing as a Real Man


“Real man” definitions perpetuate cookie-cutter masculinity because an “evolved” mold is still a mold. It doesn’t matter if you fit in the man box, you are still a man.

The Difference Between Mothering, Fathering, and Parenting


In an effort to define the difference between mothering and fathering, Darrell Milton explores gender roles and their impact on parenting.

Some Thoughts For the Folks Who Call Us Beta Males


Here’s the most used insult against men who might occasionally consider the point of view of women on the internet.

I’m Still Your Dad: Fears of Coming Out Trans To My Step-Son

father and son on the beach

His stepson knows he’s a a sex educator and LGBTQ activist, but how does he explain that he is also transgender

A Man’s Massage: Good for Body and Soul

man getting massage

L. R. Heartsong breaks down myths about men and massage and offers encouragement and a dare.

How Shaving Can Make You Invincible


The magic of a close shave makes you feel lighter, like when you were a carefree kid.