6 Ways Being a Single Dad Made Me a Better Man

  Philip Murphy found a sure fire way to build character. He became a single dad. Here is how it changed him. — In 2012, I found myself responsible for a tiny human being. For various reasons, my child’s mother was in and out of the picture and I found myself nearly completely responsible for […]

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Why is it so rare to see the soft, sensual, vulnerable side of a man? Whatever the reason, photographer Kat Reynolds is trying to change it.

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Am I the protagonist of my own story?

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3 Elements That Terrorize People, Including Men

There are three elements that create the perfect monster for humans, according to a fictional Japanese character. But what if we took a step back and applied this list to fear itself? What might we have to learn about ourselves and our fears in the process?

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After more than a decade of peddling misogyny to sell deodorant, AXE has made a U-turn. Shawn Henfling welcomes them to the new masculinity.

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David Miller shares his journey of finding purpose and becoming a good man.

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