China Gives Green Light to $100 Billion Renewables Bond Market

Curious about green energy innovation? Look to China.

Why Do I Have to Tell the Republican Party the Opportunity Immigration Reform Presents

The immigration system is broken. I’ve got an idea. Let’s fix it.

7 Reasons Why You Should See The End Of The Tour

Raymond Bechard reviews an important movie for men and mankind.

Matthew McConaughey Delivers Sage Advice for Guyhood

Something to look up to, something to look forward to, and someone to chase.

“Crying is usually associated with sadness…not in heat of battle or…mortally dangerous situation.”

This comment by Mark on the post Men Have Tear Ducts Too

Why I Hate Wrestling Video Games

Oliver Lee Bateman laments the inability of game developers to produce a video game that captures the unique charms of professional wrestling.

The 50 Best Matches in WWF/WWE History – Part 2

Jim Jividen continues with the top 25 matches in WWF/WWE history. They all could have been best match of the year, they call could have been a contender.

The 50 Best Matches in WWF/WWE History, Part I (Plus Football Picks, Week 6!)

I’ve been watching WWF/E since Snuka came off the top of the cage; I’ve been watching since before I understood better wrestling existed, sort of like eating at McDonalds before you knew there better burgers.

Top 10 Good Men of 2010: Mick Foley

Behind the wrestler’s chair-bending brawn is a crusader for literacy, education, and the end of sexual violence against women.