Relating to ‘My Own Man’ – a New Film About What it Means to Be a Man

my own man still

After watching a trailer for the documentary “My Own Man”, Doug Zeigler shares how much he can relate to the star’s fears about manhood and fatherhood.

Can Tattoos Help College Men Talk About Themselves?

Talking Ink photo by Tucker Leary

Aaron W. Voyles discusses college men using tattoos to talk about their emotions.

How to Be a Man: A Goofy Instructional Video

how to be a man buzz feed

Because “sawdust is man-glitter” after all.

7 Things I’m Not Afraid to Tell My Sons About Love, Sex, and Their Bodies

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Joanna Schroeder is tired of the expectations put upon boys and men, and encourages her boys to forge their own paths.

The “Men in Heels” are Back!

men in heels ariana grande

Any who says that high heels are for sissies hasn’t seen these guys in action!

Of Tears and Testosterone: Reflections on the Manliness of Grief


Traditional American masculinity did little to help Miller Williams handle his profound grief. Here’s a glimpse into his process, and the experience that brought him to it.

Real Men Do Cry (& it’s Good for Them)

man crying

Bettina Goodwin investigates the age-old adage that “real men” don’t cry.

“Is Masculinity the problem or Its Perception and Distortion by Society?”


The Patterns In Mass Shootings and a Conversation About Men

When Unmanliness Was Manly: The Story of “Playboy” Buddy Rose


Historian Oliver Lee Bateman reflects on the unorthodox career of pro wrestler “Playboy” Buddy Rose.

How I Wish Locker Room Conversations Would Go

Changing the Way We Define Manly

Changing the way we define manly. By Oluwatosin Awofeso.

A Man, Just Not That Manly


“We’re all human and can embody any of the spectrum of gendered behaviors at any time,” argues N.C. Harrison.

Of Men and Beards

Beard, Beards, Men, Good Men Project

A bearded man ponders just what men do or don’t do with their faces and why.

Is Your Man Redundant or Abundant?


Duncan Alldridge reflects on the tendency of men to fall back on laziness and abandon their potential abundance of their work when they are without a sense of purpose.

It’s Not Easy Being a Good Man to a Woman Who’s Been With a Bad One

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Reesee Zigga Zagga’s spoken word poem will break your heart, inspire you and remind you how many good men there are in the world.

Oh, The Hypocrisy of Male Nudity

photo by lukasz-dunikowski

Jerome Cornelius observes that we can’t even talk about the male tool without nervousness and laughter. And he wonders why.

Are You Being a Man in Your Marriage?

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Being yourself is key in marriage. If you’re hiding your masculine expression, you’re not being yourself.