When Unmanliness Was Manly: The Story of “Playboy” Buddy Rose


Historian Oliver Lee Bateman reflects on the unorthodox career of pro wrestler “Playboy” Buddy Rose.

How I Wish Locker Room Conversations Would Go

Changing the Way We Define Manly

Changing the way we define manly. By Oluwatosin Awofeso.

A Man, Just Not That Manly


“We’re all human and can embody any of the spectrum of gendered behaviors at any time,” argues N.C. Harrison.

Of Men and Beards

Beard, Beards, Men, Good Men Project

A bearded man ponders just what men do or don’t do with their faces and why.

Is Your Man Redundant or Abundant?


Duncan Alldridge reflects on the tendency of men to fall back on laziness and abandon their potential abundance of their work when they are without a sense of purpose.

It’s Not Easy Being a Good Man to a Woman Who’s Been With a Bad One

Screen Shot 2013-12-14 at 8.57.20 AM

Reesee Zigga Zagga’s spoken word poem will break your heart, inspire you and remind you how many good men there are in the world.

Oh, The Hypocrisy of Male Nudity

photo by lukasz-dunikowski

Jerome Cornelius observes that we can’t even talk about the male tool without nervousness and laughter. And he wonders why.

Are You Being a Man in Your Marriage?

happy family

Being yourself is key in marriage. If you’re hiding your masculine expression, you’re not being yourself.

Where Have All The Good Men Gone?

good man gone

Where have all the good men gone? But you can’t really blame them for leaving.

Ironic Masculinity: The Way Forward?


Oliver Lee Bateman comes to terms with conventional masculinity.

I Can’t Fix A Darn Thing


It’s very manly to be able to repair things… in theory.

“Would You Kill Hitler?” And Other Important Questions of Manhood

Would You Kill Hitler photo wikipedia and grunge effects

Killing. Purpose. Time travel. What do these things have in common? The answer: manliness.

A Modern Man’s Approach to Sleep


When men are no longer threatened by the macho idea of manhood that society thrusts upon them, they sometimes change routines in their life.

The Blurred Lines of Socially Acceptable Male Nudity

Naked Cowboy

Kevin Macku has a theory: is male nudity or cross-dress socially acceptable if the man is wearing a cowboy hat?

“It’s a woman’s job to make her man feel safe — a safe place that doesn’t expect him to do brave things just because he’s a man.”


This is a comment by Kat on the post “A Husband’s Job Is To Create Emotional Safety”.

What Is a “Macho” Man?


The word “macho” stirs up all kinds of emotions, but what does it truly mean?