Driving Dogs? Is Man’s Best Friend His Next Chauffeur?

driving dog

The SPCA says “Dogs this smart deserve a home.” How about a paycheck?

Leading When You Really Just Want to Cry

Calvin GMP

Business owner Doug Wagner didn’t expect to learn 3 important lessons of leadership from grieving the loss of his best friend. But that’s exactly what happened.

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Qualifying for Quinn: Miles in Memory of Man’s Best Friend

guide dog, blindness, visual impairment, man's best friend

The Mighty Quinn–he guided me physically in life and now guides me spiritually on my journey to Boston.

The Quality a Man Needs Most


Ryan Chin knows first hand how laughter and being able to laugh at yourself makes life richer

The Hardest Goodbye

pug- urban_data-flickr

Phillip Chesnut recounts the pain of losing his beloved pet.

Mr. Cutie Finds His Way Home to Dying Man

cancer, reunion, dog

This heartwarming story shows that you can be a man and still have a dog named Mr. Cutie.

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From sports to Yo Gabba Gabba, the DVR can instill familial harmony and marital bliss

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