Dude, You Can’t Do That. Dude, Seriously?

three dudes and the dude code

Three men tell you what you can & can’t do, according to the “Unwritten Man Code”.

Adventures in Manscaping

Chest Hair

James Fell had to learn the hard way now not to groom his chest hair.

The Special Unit’s Unit is Here to Help (Sponsored)

Special unit unit

Adam DeVine stars in this hilarious cop show spoof about a duo that track down dudes that have neglected to properly manscape their nether regions.

4 Tribeca Docs With Sex Appeal


Four documentaries that TrèsSugar’s Tara Block is dying to see at the Tribeca Film Festival this week.

Guilty as Charged


Society’s expectations of manliness can cause men to keep their passions in the closet.

How Important is Man-Scaping?

Screen Shot 2012-03-27 at 6.20.40 PM

A man wonders how manicured he’s supposed to keep his “private area”.

Waxing Insanity

Picture 6

Ted Cox investigates our nation’s strange, painful relationship with pubic-hair removal—and he has a Brazilian wax to show for it.

Random Thoughts

As guys, we should be giving the ladies the same courtesy. School dances, MMA chicks, the Grammy show & manscaping. There are a ton of things floating around in my brain right now and I want to write about all of them.  The trouble is, there’s not enough of each topic to make up a […]

Manscape Away Your Manxiety


Maneurism (noun): a volatile male reaction to stress, characterized by grunting, excessive swearing, and pounding inanimate objects. As in, If they’re sold out of Rolling Rock, Billy will have a maneurism. Man words have sacked the English language. In order to manscape, we must wear mantyhose and manscara and get manzilian waxes. If we’re ever […]