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Identifying the Signs of Drug Abuse in Teens & Young Adults: 1 Parent’s Journey to Recovery

Despite our nation’s polarized political climate, however, there seems to be growing bipartisan support for changing our drug laws and draconian mandatory sentencing for non-violent, drug-related offenses. Neal Nordlinger takes a look at the signs of abuse in teens and young adults.

God is Love and This 6-Year-Old Orphan Proves It

Reverend J. Edwin Bacon, Jr shows us the touching story of a son who woke up to a dead mother, and how he was inspired to grow from it.

The Birth of My Fourth Son Awakened My Faith

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My Husband’s Death Taught Me Something Profound: Gratitude is the Answer to Every Question

I keep pushing the wheelchair, trying to take deep breaths without being obvious. He repeats, “We have so much to be grateful for, don’t we?”

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4 Things Family Teaches Us About Being Leaders at Work & in Life

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Starting Over? Why Healing is Always an Inside Job

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6 Tips for Raising Capable, Grateful Kids in a Self-Absorbed World

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Resilience: The Greatest Gift Parents Can Give Their Children

In conducting interviews with highly resilient people, whether professional athletes, Olympics heroes, survivors of devastating injuries, or devastating home environments, they all revealed the drive to bounce back was an essential element in successfully overcoming adversity.

3 Guideposts for Making Peace With Suicide

The suicide of your loved one irrevocably changes you. The process of profound, complicated grief leads you deeper into your heart. The three mileposts of acceptance, forgiveness, and compassion become your pathway to peace. Dr. Adele Ryan McDowell assures you that the day will come when you can once again take a full breath and your newly pieced-together heart will remain intact.

Free Time: Why it’s Important for Our Kids to Have it

Undirected play opens up a new world to children where they can solve problems both imagined and real. Unstructured play drives children to be creative, learn and play at their own pace, and removes some of the stress created by the pressure to follow adult rules.

My Insecurities as a Stay at Home Dad

My son will never know the man who was once a driven writer for a major lottery corporation. My son will not know his father as an educator who enthusiastically prepared literature lessons for high school students