Being A ‘Guncle’ Changed My Life


Matt Jacobi and his partner are proud gay uncles, and their nieces remind them of why they want a family someday.

5 Things I Wish I Told My Father Before He Died


Kathy Vitale Michel shares her pain of losing her father, and comes across a few words she lost at the time of his sickness.

Kim Kardashian’s ‘Break the Internet’ Photos Gave Me an Idea

Kim Kardashians by Mortimer 62

Maria Shriver wants to break the Internet, too, but not the way Kim Kardashian did.

7 Women That Men Should Follow on Twitter


Kyle Ashlee has studied and taught about gender dynamics for years. Here are the 7 women he recommends all men follow on Twitter.

Josh Levs’ Open letter to Boomer & Carton and Mike Francesa for Slamming Paternity Leave


MLB player Daniel Murphy took one of his three days of paternity leave, and the sexists came out swinging.

Marriage, Motherhood and Men


Ann O’Leary on how best to address the surge of women having babies outside of marriage and raising children on their own.

“A Woman’s Nation Pushes Back from the Brink” Also Shapes Modern Manhood


One in three American women are living at or near the brink of poverty. This has tremendous consequences for men as well.

Misadventures in Campaign Journalism


How Lucy Berrington accidentally became the enemy of the left and the darling of the right.

Good Morning Links

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There are 11 days left until the end of the world, so act accordingly. Here are some links to other items of note.