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  Jose Mujica has gone viral for his humble lifestyle and liberal reforms. Paul Blest on what the Uruguayan president’s popularity means for global leftists.  —– President Jose Mujica is not your typical head of state. First off, Uruguay’s president is old – 78, to be exact, one year younger than Ronald Reagan when he left office. […]

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“If we found a way to remove addiction, would we be altering human behavior that we might find out later to be a core element of our humanity?”

This is a comment by Thaddeus Howze on the post “What Marijuana Means to Me”.

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“When any substance, illegal or not, grabs one’s soul, that person is just a statistic-in-waiting; not much humanity left.”

This comment is from Paul Winkler to the author of the post about her brother, “What Marijuana Means to Me”.