How Heavy Metal Saved Me

View image | Screaming and distorted guitar riffs as mental health therapy, or how Marilyn Manson helped save me from myself. ––– When I was fourteen years old, my parents decided to send me off to Catholic school. The school was the opposite of cool and full of kids whose parents didn’t want them to be […]

‘Sons of Anarchy’ Casts Marilyn Manson & Annabeth Gish

Marilyn Manson and Annabeth Gish join the cast in the seventh and final season of ‘Sons Of Anarchy.’

Walk A Mile In Her Shoes

Edie Weinstein is ready to don her red shoes for a good cause along with hundreds of spike heeled men. Oh, and she’ll shave her legs for the occasion.

Sebastian Bach is Back, and He Brought His Buddies

Give ‘Em Hell features guest spots from Duff, John 5.

Halestorm Releases ‘ReAniMate 2.0’ EP

Lzzy and her mates cover AC/DC, Marilyn Manson, and…Daft Punk?

Shame and Violence: The Connecticut School Shooting and Hate

Tragedy comes from repressed shame, not from being too permissive with people.

The Sexiest Moments in VMA History

TrèsSugar chronicles the steamiest moments on the VMA stage.

Doubly Blessed

Travis Mamone is bisexual and beloved.