Knock Knock. Who Is it? Freedom

It can be hard, but the best thing we can do in the face of terrorism is stand strong and continue to enjoy our life and freedoms.

Why Not Men in Skirts?

Greg White may not have the cojones to wear a skirt, but he’s certainly free to think about it.

Veterans, the Shutdown, and Consequences of Operating in a Rigged System

After meeting a young combat veteran with a brain injury, it occurs to Alex Steed that in this rigged system, there are no consequences to politicians for the harm they cause.

What The United States Marine Corps Taught Me About Leadership

“Know Yourself, Know Your Job, Know Your People”

General Allen Declines NATO Position in Europe, Will Retire Instead

Citing his wife’s declining health, General Johan Allen has decided to retire from the Armed Forces.

Shane Hmiel: Defying the Odds to Race Again

Hmiel says, “I didn’t seek this out, but I’m so thankful to Accessible Racing for this honor. They have done and continue to do great things for the physically disabled.”

Despite the “Ban”, I’m a Woman and I Served in Combat

Andrea Chandler is angry that women in the military have been taking fire for nearly 20 years, and no one in the media seems to have noticed.

U.S. Military Suicides Reach New High

Why are troops taking their own lives in steadily increasing numbers?

The New “Women’s Work”: On Being A Male Human Resources Professional

How did human resources become the most female-dominated department at most companies, and what does that mean for a man working in HR?

The Color of War: An Excerpt

For Memorial Day, we offer an excerpt from James Campbell’s moving new book “The Color of War”