Some Thoughts For the Folks Who Call Us Beta Males

Here’s the most used insult against men who might occasionally consider the point of view of women on the internet.

Storytelling Video: Mark Greene, “The Last Late Show With My Father”

On June 4th, 2015, Mark Greene shared his story, “The Last Late Show With My Father” at the Good Men Project story telling event in New York City.

Why the Legalization of Gay Marriage is a Gift for All Our Sons

Generations of boys have been forced to suppress their authentic emotional selves because of the fear of being kicked out of the man club and called a queer.

Masculinity Is Killing Men: The Roots of Men and Trauma

We begin the damaging process of turning boys into men long before boyhood ends.

A Look at Life Inside the Man Box

Being a man doesn’t mean you can do anything you want.

7 Double Standards that Hurt Men (and Women)

Men who live life differently often run into these tough double standards.

Finding My Voice: A LIVE Good Men Project Storytelling Event in New York City

June 4th, 2015 at the West End Lounge, New York, NY. Tickets on sale now.

Why Traditional Manhood is Killing Us

How men define manhood can mean the difference between a good life or a lonely death.

9 Things Men are Not

Mark Greene believes men are not any one thing.

11 Expectations of Masculinity That Men Use To Keep Each Other In Line

Ever been told to “man up”? Mark Greene has something to say about that, and gives some advice to his own son while he’s at it.

Break Out of the Man Box

The Man Box says, “Be a ‘real man’ or pay the price.” But for millions of American men, its time to break the hell out.

How to Maintain Friendships Through Challenging Times

Holding onto friendships can be hard, especially during transitions, and especially for men. Wellcast a 4-step method for staying bonded.

GMP on BBC London: Talking Boys, Emotional Toughness and Reduced Life Expectancy

Mark Greene explains why the damaging culture of male emotional toughness results in men’s reduced life expectancy

Almonds, the Boy Box and Compassion: Inside the Conversation at The Good Men Project

Our weekly Conference calls take place every Friday at Noon EST, and are open to all Good Men Project contributors and Premium Members.

Dear cis Friend: Why Labeling Another Person cis is Wrong

Mark Greene believes that unless the term cisgender is used with care, it can do as much damage as good.

Bromancepation: We Must Work On Our Male Relationships

God intended for us to find His FULL expression of love from each other and that includes other men.