Schoolboys in Skirts Fight Sexism

Sexism Against Boys

Could teenage boys protesting in skirts create gender equality for men and women?

Best of GMP’s Articles on Social Issues

Photo by Pierre Torset of a boy working in a ship-wrecking yard. From Of Ships and Men by Cameron Conaway.

From human rights abuses, to circumcision, to war, The Good Men Project has been tackling many of the issues central to the lives of men around the world. Here are a few of the editors’ favorites.

Say Good-bye to “That’s So Gay”: On the Decline of Homophobia


Mark McCormack: “We do no-one any favors if we only fight prejudice that is, for some, yesterday’s battle.”

You Cannot Justify Cheating on Someone You Love

photo by

Gordon Pearson responds to Mark McCormack.