Women And Girls May Be Rising, But Boys Are Not

A grandfather of four boys worries about their future in a girl-centered society.

Men Are Changing … for the Better

Mark Sherman recalls two polite interactions with other guys that could have easily gone the other way.

Help is On the Way: We’ve Finally Noticed Boys’ Struggles

Mark Sherman is part of a growing bipartisan effort toward the establishment of a White House Council on Boys and Men.

Almonds, the Boy Box and Compassion: Inside the Conversation at The Good Men Project

Our weekly Conference calls take place every Friday at Noon EST, and are open to all Good Men Project contributors and Premium Members.

“Sorry, It’s a Boy.”

Mark Sherman finds a second half Super Bowl commercial sexist against boys (and men)

Why I Hope Chelsea Clinton Has a Son

Mark Sherman believes that if Chelsea Clinton has another baby, its gender could make a big difference for boys and men in America.

An Older Guy Remembers His Youthful Sex Drive

As a young man, Mark Sherman thought there was something wrong with him because he was obsessed by thoughts of young women – until he talked to his friends.

What’s Happening to Boys in School? Google Hangout

Dr. Steve Perry, founder and principal of Capital Preparatory Magnet School shares on what parents and teachers can do to support boys in school.

The Mask

A super-short work of fiction by Mark Sherman that the Woodstock Times called “a great, psychodrama-short story (involving psychoanalysis, no less).”

What Does ‘Acting Like a Man’ Really Mean?

Mark Sherman wonders if “acting like a man” should simply mean acting like a grown-up.

The Long and Righteous Road

Mark Sherman says that our society is gradually recognizing the full humanity of all of us, even if it sometimes seems like it’s taking forever.

Boy Is Beautiful

Mark Sherman has four grandsons and wants boys who act in typical boy ways to feel good about themselves. Society, at least in schools, may be sending a different message.

The Gender Connection: A Conversation About The Future of Boys

Between Mark Sherman and Lisa Levey, 10 of the people they love the most are boys and men. The issues of men and boys is critically important to them. They are starting a conversation to try to bridge the gap.

Five Guys Talking: Are Men Falling Behind Women in Mental Health? (Video)

What happens with a group of men sit down to discuss mental health and the well being of men and boys? This awesome video.

5 Suggestions For Staying Happily Married

Mark Sherman, married (to the same woman!) for more than 43 years, shares some straightforward ways he and his wife avoid common marital problems.

Dear Mr. President, Our Nation’s Boys Need Your Attention

Mark Sherman, a big fan of the President, asks him to call the nation’s attention to the problems facing boys and young men.