7 Reasons to Buy The Original Good Men Project Anthology

Looking for a unique gift for Father’s Day? Or do you just want to read the 31 original stories that inspired The Good Men Project mission? Here are seven great reasons….

Talking Man-To-Man: We’re Gettin’ the Band Back Together!

Mark St. Amant talks to author (and former college band-mate) Andy Abramowitz about his debut novel THANK YOU, GOODNIGHT, risk-taking, crying, adoption, and the confusing appeal of Lou Reed.

A Teenager, a Hockey Contract, and the Best Interests of the Child

Mark St. Amant wonders if a private sports team should have the right to lock a thirteen year-old into a contract, if it’s clearly not what the child wants.

A Mother, a Promise, and a Pink Cadillac

Author and ad guy Mark St. Amant Goes “Man-to-Man” with top NFL draft pick and devoted son, quarterback Teddy Bridgewater.

Everyone Gets a Trophy… I Mean a Valentine

Author, ad guy (and sporadic TV blabbermouth) Mark St. Amant weighs in on one New Jersey school’s Valentine’s Day rules.

12 Misconceptions About Legalized Weed

Mark St. Amant reports from the front lines of legalized weed in Colorado.

(Hopefully) An Unforgettable Interview of the (Definitely) Unforgettable George Lange

Author and ad guy Mark St. Amant chats with noted photographer and co-author of “The Unforgettable Photograph”, George Lange.

The Not-So-Dolce Vita

Three months after we married, Celia and I up and moved to Italy. Six months later we returned to the States, almost broke and, somehow, still married.

He Talks To Angels (‘He’ being me, and the Black Crowes’ Steve Gorman being the ‘angel’, singular, for answering way too many questions.)

Author and ad guy Mark St. Amant talks to rock legend & sports radio host, Steve Gorman, about life on the road, fatherhood, air-drumming to the Beatles, and puking up tainted Sloppy Joes.

“I swear on the life of my children: it won’t be the worst book you’ve ever read.”

Author and ad guy Mark St. Amant gets this self-critique—and much, much more—from ESPN fantasy guru and FANTASY LIFE author, Matthew Berry.

Poker? I Don’t Even Know Her! (And other horrible, rejected titles for my chat with STRAIGHT FLUSH author, Ben Mezrich).

Mark St. Amant talks to Ben Mezrich about fame, manhood, kids, STRAIGHT FLUSH, and waking up under a pile of hookers in a Dubai hotel (or not).

Rob Delaney Wants to Offend You

Author Mark St. Amant talks to actor, writer, comedian Rob Delaney about what makes something funny, Klondike bars, manhood, and a very naughty word beginning with “C.”

MAN-TO-MAN with Director Jason Woliner

Author and ad guy Mark St. Amant explains why writer/director/producer Jason Woliner is one of Hollywood’s good guys, and talks to Jason about chillaxing, bro-be-ques, and selling poison to children.

Why I’m Social-Media Promiscuous

Good Men Media CEO Lisa Hickey wants you—and Malcom Gladwell—to know: the revolution can be tweeted.

The Wussification of Youth Sports?

Mark St. Amant thinks that one youth soccer league’s twist on the mercy role (score too many goals, and you automatically lose) is a sure sign that we’re careening toward Crazyville.

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