11 Things Happy Couples Avoid


11 bad habits many couples have that lead to discord and can prevent happiness in your relationship. By marriage expert Rabbi Shlomo Slatkin.

8 Things Happy Couples Don’t Do

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James Michael Sama tips you off on the traps that happy couples have learned to avoid.

Want to Make More Money? Invest in Your Relationship

Good Men Project, Invest in your Marriage, Rabbi Slatikin, Marriage Investments, RLS Section, Marriage

Rabbi Slatkin explains why the best Investment of 2014 should be your marriage

What Fan Loyalty is Teaching Me About Marriage


Though it may sound strange, the South Carolina Gamecocks have taught him a lot about what makes a marriage work.

70 Years of Happiness – Reed and Allene’s Pro Tips for Marriage


Do you want your relationship to be rewarding for over 70 years? Reed and Allene share their tips.

The Married Men Don’t Talk Show (Video)

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An online radio show about marriage does not allow women to call in, only to listen.

Arousing Intimacy in Marriage

Love Mark

Robert Duffer explains how a few changes to how you approach intimacy can help create the healthy sex life essential to a great marriage.

If You Think Your Marriage Is Over, Give It One More Year


Relationship Guru Mort Fertel is often asked: “How do we know when it’s time to give up on our marriage?”

The Truth About Sex During Marriage

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Yes, sometimes sex stops after marriage, but studies show that marriage often means that you’re going to have more sex and a higher quality of life. Who knew?

Three Rules For Fighting with Your Spouse This Holiday Season

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Zach Rosenberg hopes you married couples are fighting out there. After all, it’s a good sign.

Advice to the Young on Their Wedding Day

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A “short” speech on marriage is an impossible task; like a “quick” hike up Mt. Everest. But when your brother asks, tell him what you know.

How Not to Destroy Your Marriage


Mark Tyrrell offers 8 relationship tools to make your marriage work.

Go To Bed Angry

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Truck driver Todd McCann knows a few things about how to make a successful partnership work.