How to Find (and Keep) the Love of Your Life


8 things you may not know

The Michelangelo Marriage Manual


How modern science and ancient wisdom combine to offer new hope for couples

7 Breakthrough Strategies That Will Save Your Marriage

7 marriage breakthroughs

Hint: Stop Focusing on Communication. “You cannot restore trust and passion by talking about it.”

Why We Cling Desperately to Relationships That Have Died

cling to relationships

Susan Winter thinks it’s because society values the length of a relationship over the quality of its content.

It’s Ok to Go to Bed Angry and Other Principles of Marriage

go to bed angry

Tim Dowling has literally written the book on “How to Be a Husband” and puts a few marital myths to bed.

12 Lessons Learned In 12 Years Of Marriage

12 things 12 years marriage

“We were young, in love, and ready for marriage when we said ‘yes’ in our early twenties. But that doesn’t necessarily mean we were prepared.”

When She Cries, Don’t Be Afraid to Ask ‘Why?’

when she cries

“I’ve learned when your wife cries or does something else that you don’t understand,don’t project your feelings or thoughts onto her.”

Withholding Sex: Covert Warfare in the Bedroom

withholding sex

A partner’s feelings of insecurity can lead to passive-aggressive behavior in the bedroom. Max Belkin offers a solution.

Forget the Listicles: A Happy and Successful Relationship Depends on Just One Thing

one thing

Couples in solid relationships know it isn’t easy but this is how they do it.

100 Ways to Connect Intimately With Your Partner

100 things

Dr. Samantha Rodman gives you the ideas. No reason not to start right now!

“But wouldn’t that marriage have been unsatisfactory regardless of whether the couple cohabited or not?”

living together

Comment of the Day: Does living together before marriage hurt the relationship?

7 Little Things That’ll Mean a Hell of a Lot to Your Guy

photo: flickr/

Joanna Schroeder shares her top 7 super simple secrets for making sure her husband feels loved.

“Get a Room!” – Ditch the Marriage Therapy and Shack Up Together

married love

Heather Roth says sometimes the only therapy you need is room service and a game of naked backgammon with your spouse.

3 Mistakes Women Make When Trying to Help Their Husbands

couple together on rock

Women, if the man in your life isn’t responding when you want more out of the relationship, you may be doing something wrong.

An Open Letter to My New Husband: After Our First Real Struggle, 5 Months Into Marriage

An Open Letter by Pedro Ribeiro Simoes

Sarafina Bianco shares four lessons she’s learned about marriage as a newlywed.

Heal Your Relationship Without Saying a Word


This ancient Hawaiian healing ritual can transform your relationships and your life.