Inside the Conversation: Wait, Wait … Don’t Tell Me (If He Cheats)

Wait Wait by Ally Aubry

A look inside the place where the conversation no one else is having happens.

If My Boyfriend Cheats, Please Don’t Tell Me

If My Boyfriend by Conny Liegl

Adiba Nelson knows you might hate her for saying this, but if her man is unfaithful, she’d rather not know. And if yours is, she won’t tell you.

How’d You Bring Your Marriage from the Brink?

from the brink

Not every marriage can be saved. If yours was, GMP wants to learn from your experience. Now accepting submissions.

How To Protect Your Privacy During Divorce


Celebrities are not the only ones who experience invasion of privacy when a marriage ends. Attorney Bruce Provda has some tips on keeping your personal privacy intact through a divorce. Answers for Nosy Neighbors…or Friends…or Family News of your divorce will spread quickly through the workplace, church and community. You can expect to be asked […]

From Bachelorhood to Mr. Badass: One Man’s Five-Year Transformation


They dated each other’s H.S. friends, but never really met until he was about to go to war. Many challenges later, they have found their way home.

When Your Ex Remarries First: How Do You Get Through That Day?


How to handle your ex moving forward when you haven’t yet.

The Simple 3-Step Relationship Reboot

The Simple 3-Step by fromsandtoglass

Just in time for New Year’s, you can resolve to reboot your relationship now, and the best part is, it’s easy.

Don’t Marry Someone For Their Good Qualities. Marry Them for Their Faults.

mandy lackey

Sue Nador re-examined her husband’s “faults” and made her relationship stronger.

Dear Spouse: I Can’t Get Close Until You Back Off

Woman comforting anxious husband

She chases. He retreats. This pattern destroys marriages. Steve Horsman intervenes.

Bitter Root: A Story of Marriage and Borsch


In this story from The Roadkill Collection, food can make or mar a marriage.

Why Marriage is Just Like Baseball


The best marriages are built on teamwork. Whether you strike out or hit it out of the park, you’ll have another chance at bat.

The Eight-Letter Word That Improves Sexual Intimacy

steamy kiss

Great sex improves your physical and emotional health as well as the health of your relationship. One often misunderstood word makes it happen.

In Marriage No One Can Hear You Scream

Archie and Edith

Has marriage outlived its purpose? Ira Israel would like to know.

Who Gets the Friends in a Divorce?


When couples split, does the friend group have to follow suit? Al DeLuise takes a look.

7 Signs You’re In The Right Relationship

romantic dinner

Myke Macapinlac says that your values, past, and communication determine a lot about whether or not they’re the right one for you.

Why Some Happily Married People Cheat


“Routine and predictability, the two pillars of stability, tend to stifle erotic spontaneity and creativity.”