Love Able: The Key To Your Relationship Success

Developing your loveability quotient.

Dr. Steve dissects the mysteries of how to be love able. It is easier, and harder, than you think.

Dear Dad: The One With the ‘Me-Time’ Question


When asked if after-school care should be utilized for his children, a reader turns to ‘Dear Dad’ for advice.

“Batdad” and Jen – Love Thrives on Humor

Batdad and Jen feature

This is one way to keep the magic alive in your marriage! Go BatDad GO!

6 Questions to Answer Before Deciding You Can’t Stand Your Job Another Day


Before you storm off and quit your job, make sure you can answer these questions.

How to Be The Best Dad In The World to Your Daughters


One month ago, my dad left our physical world to be with us from the other side. He was a good man and the best dad I could have hoped for.

14 Lessons From 14 Years Of Marriage

ratcliffe wedding

After 14 years of marriage, Chris Farley Ratcliffe reflects on the 14 most important lessons he has learned.

The Hard Truth Behind Marriages that Last

secret to lasting marriage

There isn’t a list of things that these couples do differently. There’s one difficult thing they choose to accept.

Hands Do Not Define the Man

mans hands

The depth of a man’s love and care doesn’t always show up in the palms of his hands.

How to Have Energy to Give Your Family


Spending, refueling, and being conscious of your energy levels will make you a better husband and father.

A Father’s Story: The Hopeful End to Generational Madness

father punishing son

It’s time to stop the legacy of pain and shame that goes with being a man, and a father.

4 Ways to Be Happy Again After Losing a Loved One

man relaxing

Going through the death of someone you love is hard, but it doesn’t have to be the end of your happiness.

7 Important Factors in a Healthy Sex Life


Having a healthy sex life is crucial to keeping a strong relationship. Has your sex life ever hurt your relationship?

4 Life-Changing Decisions Every Man Must Make


Every man has a choice to make. Will you truly live or simply exist?

An Open Letter to the Guy Who Helped Me Move On


Thank you for showing me that genuine men do exist and that I can be open to finding and exploring new relationships.

5 Things You Need to Know if You’re Going Through or Thinking About a Divorce

couple arguing

Divorce sucks. But ultimately it offers gifts if you know how to look for them.

5 Time Wasters to Avoid When Dating Online


You could be missing your chance at true love by wasting your time with the wrong partner. Has that ever happened to you?