Father’s Day – A Call for Submissions

Daddy, Father, Pop, Dad – What kind of relationship have you had?

Men Are Not Simple Creatures, but They Aren’t Impossible to Understand

Women need a guide, not a manipulation manual of how to get a guy to do what you want.

What Will the Future Hold for Intimate Relationships? (Call for Submissions)

What will sex, love, and relationships look like for men and women in the future (near or far)?

I Was In a Long-Distance Marriage

Stacey Freeman reflects on how distance was the key factor in her marriage’s survival—and demise.

How my Husband Helped Me Fight Postpartum Depression

The unspoken burden of the supportive partner.

How to Move the Hell on With Your Life Part 3: Find Yourself Again

We invest a lot of ourselves in a marriage, and when it ends we can end up feeling like a shell of ourselves.

Comment of the Day: ‘Who wants a relationship without romantic feeling?’

Who wants to always be reminded that relationships take work?

Finding Balance in an Introvert-Extrovert Relationship

This could be a perfect match.

Marriage Struggles: The Partner With The Least Desire Controls Sex

We mix up sex, intimacy and desire with disastrous results. Kyle Benson guides us through this slippery topic.

Fatherhood 101: Six Simple Rules to Get it Right

New babies don’t come with instructions, but follow this dad’s advice and you’ll do just fine.

An Officer and a Gentleman

‘A man cannot be defined in one word,’ says Dana Delgardo, a transgender man who is finally living his life, his way.

Recovering Your Masculinity After Divorce

Divorce often triggers questions about your manhood. Why couldn’t you fix it or just endure? Isn’t that what a “real man” would have done?

Comment of the Day: ‘When we feel under-appreciated, we start attention seeking’

Not being comfortable with our emotions can come from our parents.

An Open Letter to My Sons – What it Really Means to Be a Man

The truth about five sayings that have lessened what it means to be a man.

4 Ways To Prove You STILL Choose Your Partner EVERY Day

“I Do” is a choice you make over and over.

5 Ways Divorced Dads Can Continue to Bond With Their Children After Divorce

I hope you’ll take heart that, whatever your upbringing, you can engage in your kids’ lives and move forward with purpose and a renewed sense of direction.