What Do You Mean Real Men Don’t Drive Mini Vans?

kieth and van

So you take the less comfortable, less practical, and less economical vehicle because it’s not a minivan? Come on guys!

The Single Most Important Trait in Raising Happy Kids


His father taught him through his example. That’s how he’s teaching his children. — You’re a natural sponge. This isn’t a process you have to learn, or something you can force. Don’t have a sit-down meeting with your friends and discuss the ways they should help you grow. That would be crazy. This is a […]

Why Men Get Hotter Once They’re Dads


Kristin Anderson says fatherhood makes a man at least 200% more attractive.

Why My Wife is My Best Friend


When his daughter had a brain tumor and he struggled to make sense of life, Joe Rodriguez found out who his true friends were.  — Growing up, I considered everyone that surrounded me to be my best friend. During the years, my list of friends diminished greatly. People I’ve known for 20 years were being […]

How to be a Good Partner to Someone Who Always Dreams Big


Is your partner always chasing his or her dreams? It can be an emotional roller coaster, but here’s how to build a relationship that lasts.

Stop Blaming Yourself


He spent six years battling depression because he blamed himself. — Am I a bad person?  After six years of depression, random weeks fending off its reemergence, only now have I identified the cause. Negative Self-talk.  My parents divorced when I was a teenager, and the events stay vivid in my mind at the age […]

The Little Things: 9 Everyday Gestures You Should Thank Him For

couple smiling

From remembering exactly how you like your coffee to letting you vent, here are nine things men do that women can be grateful for.

9 Meditations of a Divorced Man

Meditations by Vinoth Chandar

Jordan Kozey takes us into the mind of man finding his way post-marriage.

A Lament for the Love You are Giving Up On

help wanted

I think you think love is lost, but I can still see its colour and shape with my outsiders perspective.

7 Deadly Pitfalls In Marriage And Committed Relationships

Life's expectations!

Caveat emptor! What your mother never told you about being in a relationship but, Dr. Steve will.

Why I Quit My Job With No Plans for What’s Next


If the next five years of your life are the same as the last five years, will you be okay with that? — That question grabbed my attention so tightly I nearly choked on my breath. At the time, I had been at my job for exactly five years. Those five years of my life […]

Men Singing about Fidelity: New in Pop Radio

exit sign running man thomas crenshaw

Dr. Andrew Smiler discusses the oddity of a pop song that describes a man refusing a hookup.

Three Things That Keep My Marriage Together


They were engaged within three weeks of talking on the phone. Their marriage almost ended in the beginning, but this is how they made it through. — Sometimes in life, things unexpectedly work out. My wife and I have been Married 7 ½ years, and it was like most marriages in the beginning–it was tough. […]

The Pain of Realizing Your ‘Forever’ was Never Really Your Forever at all


You can’t let the pain and agony keep you down. We’re stronger than that.

It’s Possible: 5 Ways To Stay Classy After A Breakup

man and woman at separate tables

Failed relationships are never easy, but you can find closure without anger or regret.

What Makes a Man


Defining what makes a man isn’t an easy task. The modern man is facing some unique challenges. — Attempting to define manhood and masculinity is a challenge as old as time. Most men would agree that two of man’s primary responsibilities are to provide and protect. At the core of masculinity, this may be true. […]