Marriage is not for Sissies: 12 Things Marriage Is and 12 Things It Isn’t

stay married

Marriage is not rocket science. The principles it’s based on are really pretty simple. Kindness. Respect. Loyalty. That kind of thing.

A Simple Shift to Make Your Marriage Better

A Simple Shift by David Goehring

Quentin Hafner suggests celebrating your spouse with as much enthusiasm as you celebrate your kids.

8 Ways I Know I Love a Good Man

krista brian

Krista Haapala sees her partner for who he is… and exactly what makes him so great.  – He owns his power. A quality man stands strong in his choices. He balances his time with a clear connection to his priorities. He chooses to be exceptionally committed in each of his roles whether partner, father, professional, […]

Ask Dear Dad: The Mom Who is ‘Stuck’ But Wants More Kids


Brian Gawlak advises a wife who is wondering how to make her husband feel like a better dad.

10 Things You’ll Probably Never Hear Your Wife or Girlfriend Say …

couple facing togehter

For any guy in a long-term relationship, Tor Constantino shares a list of things you can safely NOT expect to hear.

Why You Always Feel Like The Bad Guy In Relationships And How To Change It

man and woman on train

The false beliefs that have been taught to men about who they should be in relationships are secretly sabotaging the love lives of really great men.

Love in Good Times, Bad Times, and Sweaty Times


Love is never mundane, even in the most mundane situations.

Managing the Household When Your Wife Has Cancer

tired man

Being a caregiver is a stress-filled full time job, Michael Stalter offers help on how to manage it all.

Are You Being Emotionally Abused?

Are You Being by Eric Chan

Emotional abuse can be subtle and hard to recognize. Psychologist Dr. Robert Simon presents a clear definition and explains the ‘spectrum’ of domestic violence.

Relationship Intelligence for Men: Your Simple 12-Step Guide

Your 12-Step Guide by Ryan McKee

Guys, do you want a better, healthier relationship with your partner? Use these 12 steps to improve your ‘relationship intelligence.’

When You’re the Couple at the Restaurant Not Talking

couple not talking

You didn’t just run out of things to say. Richard Gatley has some guidance for how to start talking again.

Sometimes Love Just Runs Its Course


One man says, “My marriage failed, and I’m okay with that.”

For Relationship TLC Try Date Day

Playing together

Date Night is Great, but Date Day is better. Dr. Steve explores the need for dedicated time to work and play in your relationship.

Keeping it Together When Your Wife Has Cancer

woman in hospital bed

Life gets complicated in so many ways when you are a caregiver to someone with cancer. How to cope.

Real Love is a Marathon

real love with a rose

From new love to lasting love, relationships go through five phases.

Director Noah Baumbach is an Equal Opportunity Satirist

while-were-young photo A24

The insightful comedy While We’re Young takes aim at multiple generation gaps.