10 Sweet, Little Things You Do That Men Notice Even if They Don’t Say it

Kissing couple

Words can save relationships. But sometimes it’s the things we notice — but don’t say — that are just as important as the things we do say.

Your “Perfect Partner” Isn’t Supposed To Be Perfect

perfect partner

What if the imperfections of your partner made them perfectly qualified to be exactly what you need and want?

Wanted: A Groom for My Son


A concerned mother in India posted a first…a same-sex personal ad for her single son.

How to Make Divorce Easier on Your Kids

How to by Matt Preston

Divorce can hit your kids hard. These four tips from Jenny Kanevsky—who is in the process with her two boys—can help your kids fare better during challenging times.

5 Subtle Signs Your Marriage Is in Crisis

5 Signs by Bart Everson

“But I have a great marriage.” Think again. Mike Berry looks behind the façade for cracks that show your marriage is crumbling.

5 Popular Marriage Tips That Are Actually Lies


This is where the myths and lies end.

The Marriage Book: Centuries of Advice, Inspiration, and Cautionary Tales from Adam and Eve to Zoloft

Screen shot 2015-05-18 at 7.45.44 PM

Jesse Kornbluth reviews a book on marriage that covers it all.

The Dangerous Appeal of Dysfunctional Partners

Why Dysfunctional by Quinn Dombrowski

Thomas Fiffer explains the exceptional draw and destructive impact of partners who are determined to change you.

10 Things Kids Need When Parents Divorce

kids and divorce

While you are moving through your emotional pain, you also need to remember that your children did nothing to cause your divorce and therefore should be shielded from your “animosity” towards one another.

Building Intimate Relationships That Last

Building Intimate by Michael Coghlan

Thomas Fiffer talks relationships with Rick Gabrielly on “The Marriage Boss” podcast.

5 Things Men Want Their Wives and Girlfriends To Know (But Might Not Tell You)


A husband shares insights into what a guy might be thinking when he’s quiet.

6 Reasons Why You (and Every Other Guy) Should Consider Getting Married


After 20 years of marriage—Tor Constantino knows that not every marriage works great but a great marriage is worth the work.

The Marriage Mistake Almost Everybody Makes


If you are considering marriage, you have to take to heart this truth: Accept your partner as is, or don’t get married.

Why I Divorced The Woman I’m Still Crazy About

Monica Serge

We ended our toxic marriage, but I just couldn’t let go.

Just Because I Get Up in the Middle of the Night Does Not Mean I Deserve Praise


After getting up with his baby daughter in the middle of the night, dad Clint Edwards heard himself mutter to his wife, “You should be grateful.” Here is how he found out he was wrong.

Don’t Eat the Last Cookie and 5 Other Things I’ve Learned about Creating a Happy Marriage

couple sharing dessert

A moment of mortification started an 18 year journey toward happy ever after.