Do Good Men Get Laid? Science Explains Who’s Having the Most Sex and Why

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Bad boys have a reputation for great sex lives… but science has uncovered something surprising about who is actually getting the most (and best) sex.

5 Things Moms Find Totally Sexy That Any Dad Can Do

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There’s no Dummies guide for getting the mother of your kids turned on. But if there were, this might be it.

Sunday Reader Tweets of the Day

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See what our readers are saying about us on Twitter.

5 Ways You’re Trading Incredible Sex for a Miserable Job


You know that moment when you’d like to rip her clothes off, and she’s given you the green light, and you are just too tired to care? That job.

GMP Video: Talking About Sex and Marriage

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We’re crowdsourcing a video of everyday people talking about sex and marriage on the Good Men Project’s YouTube channel!

The Best Things About Married Sex

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Of course, there’s a lot to like about sex, but when it comes to committed relationships, the potential for intimacy really stands out.

4 Ways to Know What Sexual Pleasure Means to Your Spouse

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Julie Sibert thinks married sex has the potential to be a lot more just an orgasm.

Married Sex is the Best. Honest.

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Lady Chatterley answers the question, “What’s the best thing about married sex?”

The Last Word On The Mating Habits Of Happy Couples

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Exactly how can we know how often happy couples should have sex?

What Makes Married Sex So Special?

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The editors of the Marriage section want to hear from you about married sex.

Making Love All Day Long

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Zach Rosenberg may be a married father of a preschooler, but he and his wife don’t let their sex life suffer. What’s his trick?

Long Live the Oversharing Dad Blogger


Accused of revealing too much, Aussie blogger Reservoir Dad prefers disclosure over discretion

The Truth About Sex During Marriage

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Yes, sometimes sex stops after marriage, but studies show that marriage often means that you’re going to have more sex and a higher quality of life. Who knew?

My Wife Is My Best Friend… Now, How Do I Make Her My Lover?

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Eli and Josie help a man turn his friendship-based marriage into one of passion and desire.

“Even when we fantasize what could be, characters still don’t get to have sex once they’re married.”

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This comment was from That Guy, in response to Joanna Schroeder, on the post “Does Masturbation End When You Move in Together?“ There’s something to the idea that women don’t really have as many messages about being sexy once they’re married and have children. If pop culture is any indication, there are very few women […]

Did I Get Replaced by a Dildo?

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Josie and Eli discuss why female masturbation should not make men feel replaced.