Giving Up On Sex


John Kinnear shares a personal story on revamping things in the bedroom – and not in the ways you’d expect.

Married to the Masculine: I Want a Divorce!


Steven Lake flies backward in time to understand how he has conceptualized masculinity and what it means to be “male.”

How Not to Cheat

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Marriage is simply hard work. But the good news is that attitude is everything.

Turning 30

Turning 30 photo by adamgn

Rev. Nathan Loewen turns thirty and feels, inexplicably, old.

Purging Home: A Tale of Hush-Puppies, Barbecue and Homos in North Carolina


Some people need to get the hell out of their hometowns and others need to get their hometowns the hell out of them.

It Almost Didn’t Happen


While I was wandering the desert of relationships, I almost missed a chance at love.

Did Providence Really Intercede, and Get Me Fired?

mean boss

Losing a Job I Loved Changed My Life in Ways I Could Never Have Imagined

A Childless Man in a Child’s World

Married No Children photo by JD Hancock

Brian Shea believes that “because I don’t want children” should be every bit as acceptable a response as “because I want them.”

The Evolution of Food and Family


Taylor Garcia’s understanding of cooking grew and changed in tandem with his marriage.

“My marriage didn’t survive after hitting rock bottom. It wasn’t about getting rid of her, it was about figuring out what parts of me lead to her departure.”

photo by weelakeo

These are comments by Steve Horsmon, Rachel @ Reality Chick, and wellokaythen on the post “If You Think Your Marriage Is Over, Give It One More Year”.

Dear John: Pro Golfer Wants To Play Her


A chance to get with a pro-golfer who is married, a self-conscious man with gynecomastia, and keeping a daughter from her grandparents awful relationship habits.

Slam Poetry: How Falling in Love is like Owning a Dog


You might be surprised by the similarities, but not in the way you might expect.

“I’m happy I have a wife, and having two people both contributing across the board goes a long way.”


This is a comment by Lars Fisher on the post “I’d Benefit From a Traditional Wife”.

“People think there must be something wrong with me for remaining single ten years after my divorce.”


If you are divorced, have you been pressured to remarry or get back into a committed relationship of some sort? How did you react?

A Gay Mormon Recorded His Friends’ Reactions to Him Coming Out (Video)


How did it go? Find out for yourself.

“Separating children from marriage? Sure, we do it, and perhaps we must.”


Olive thinks that we should separate childbearing from marriage entirely because part of the reason why so many people get pressured into marriage when they aren’t ready is so they don’t “run out of time” to have kids. D.A. Wolf agrees, but with one caveat…