Sacred Archetypes of Modern Masculinity: The Divine Child

The Divine Child rejects the cold, stiff version of masculinity that leaves no room for play, emotion, or innocence.

The Unusual View From Atacama

Chile’s Atacama Desert, home of the massive Atacama Large Millimeter Array (ALMA) telescopes, is a place on Earth that resembles Mars most closely.

An Astronaut’s Take On Why We Need To Stop Being Cowards And Head To Mars

We spoke with legendary astronaut Walt Cunningham about fear and the potential of a manned expedition to Mars.

We Were Intrepid, Once

The space program pays off benefits that can’t be counted in dollars.

Open Thread: Could You Survive 16 Months Alone With Your Partner?

A private company plans to send a married couple on a mission to mars. Do you think a relationship can survive a trip like that?

Learning From Mars

What does landing a rover on Mars have to do with business? Everything, says Ken Goldstein.

What If We Celebrated Science Like the Olympics?

What NASA does every day is like a perfect balance beam act, performed every day, in space. Why don’t we celebrate these feats with the enthusiasm we reserve for Olympic athletes?

I’m Stark Orbited: Deal With It

Everyone’s excited about Mars, but Marcus Williams just found out NASA has been busy with lunar exploration, too.

News: Sunday Morning Live, Featuring The @HannibalTabu Experience [@isidra]

Insert witty commentary here for your own amusement. Ha.

Science: India Plans Their First Trip To Mars

A developing nation spending billions of dollars to reach the red planet? Oh, yeah, it’s happening …

Shy One

Shy One   You do not care for my poetry, And I cast no blame back— Silly words, Panting surreptitiously For your love. Yet now my fantasies Are naked, And I beg you to fantasize naked, too. You said you are shy, But call me on the telephone. Then I will respond like Mars, Or […]

The 10 at 10

Indiana is kinky, the mentally ill might be superhuman, and sex selection raises a ton of questions.

#musicmonday: “… sleep in peace when day is done …” [UPDATED, free mp3 downloads]

Yet another awesome (and huge) set of MP3 download for — how much? — free!!!!

The 10 at 10

Typewriters are still alive, the NFL lockout could be over, and Tetris.

The 10 at 10

Alex Trebek announces college football, Hideki Akaiwa is a badass, and Lawrence Taylor still hasn’t found his mind.

10 at 10: December 7

Julian Assange, bomb squads, and Martian sand. Gird your loins for the 10 at 10.