Fighting Spirit: When Tables Turn On the Bully


This is the world we’re giving you, kids. A world in which one or more people will video what’s happening instead of helping.

Blood Lessons: Stepping Into the Ring and Pushing Back Against Life


Martial artist, coach, and award-winning war correspondent, Shawn Rhodes shares what he’s learned from his years on the mat.

The Sound It Makes When It Takes A Man’s Life


Award-winning war correspondent Shawn Rhodes shares what warriors taught him about men, fear and freedom.

Minnesota Kickboxer Pens His First Children’s Book


Professional fighters have short career spans, and many struggle to find the next chapter of their lives. Kickboxer Ricky Lee found his through writing a children’s book inspired by his relationship to his granddaughter.

The Birth of Fighters Against Child Abuse – Australia


Adam Washbourne on how he used the rising sport of mixed martial arts to create a truly unique child abuse awareness campaign.

Hitting My Son


David Karpel on training his son in self-defense and character development.

Facing the Fiercest Opponent


Scott Sonnon knows what is involved in taking a hit. And in preparing for his Tedx Talk he faced the hardest one of all.

My Wife Is a Fighter: A Husband’s Perspective on Woman’s Boxing


Gary Lai is married to Jill Morley of Fight Like a Girl fame. And the question he gets asked all the time is, “What do you think when your wife gets hit in the face.”

The Art of the Ageless Athlete

My beautiful picture

Wolfgang Brolley on old dogs, new tricks and… Perfection or Reinvention?

Martial Arts & Rehab: What Moves Together Grooves Together


Neuroscience and martial arts in action.

What I Learned From a Dying Man and His Wife


To Cameron Conaway “being present” is a matter of life and death.

Dad’s Defense: Facing the Dangers

hit, fight, attack, self-defense, fist, punch, fighting

Vincent Daly had a scary encounter while out with his family, and now he has a plan for safety in the face of danger.

My Therapist: A Profile


My therapist is a problem-solver. He doesn’t just sit there like, “How did you feel about that?” and “Hmm…” and “Yeah, go on…” while scribbling notes.

Man-to-Man with Mixed Martial Artist Kenny Florian


Cameron Conaway interviews one of his personal inspirations, retired UFC fighter Kenny Florian.

Mashpiah: Assume for Yourself a Master


On the intersection of Orthodox Judaism and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Legacy: A Grandfather’s Gift to a Grandson He Never Met


Phillip Le connected with his grandfather through stories, technology, and gung fu. And he is ever grateful for that rich inheritance.