“I KNOW MY VALUE.” : Women in Comics

Agent Roffey continues her coverage of Boston Comic Con looking at women in comics


Alex Yarde gives novices the THE FULL CHICIMANGA on DEADPOOL!

The New ‘Deadpool’ Trailers are Here to Enjoy

Take your first look fans at this Merc with a Mouth Deadpool is the perfect example of an anti-hero. He is a mercenary for hire who is strong and very foul mouthed. Fans have been dying to see this character portrayed in a way that does it justice. This year at San Diego Comic Con […]

‘Ant Man’ Brings a Shift in The Superhero Genre

  Superhero movies are all the rage right now. They are in movies, TV shows, cartoons and video games. What they represent is a person or group of people coming together for a common goal to save those who cannot protect themselves from bad people who want to conquer the world. For a long time […]

The All-New All-Different Avengers Assemble This Fall!

  Alex Yarde eagerly awaits release of ALL-NEW ALL-DIFFERENT AVENGERS #1 ___ The Secret Wars are over, some characters from the alternate universes destroyed during this cataclysmic event have found a home in the new Marvel universe, like Ultimate Spider-Man Miles Morales who is now Spider-Man 616 (main Marvel Universe). Secret Wars characters like Maestro, the […]

Fans of All Ages Showed up for Wizard World Sacramento

Jay Snook attended this year’s Wizard World in Sacramento, and it was one for the record books This years’s Wizard World Comic Con has come and gone in Sacramento, and man was there so much to see and do for fans of all ages. I had the chance to be there all three days, and […]

Spider-Man + Basketball = Amazing

This video shows that the “Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man” is fierce on the courts.


Alex Yarde & family jump for joy as Disney Interactive announces Disney Infinity 3.0 includes Star Wars™ characters and worlds along with even more Disney and MARVEL!

Avengers: Age Of Ultron Review: “Visionary”

  The Vision saves the day for Alex Yarde as Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) churns on. Spoilers ahead!   ◊♦◊   Avengers: Age of Ultron is a solid second movie of a trilogy; it raises the stakes and sets the table for the third (and fourth) film. It doesn’t stand on its own as a […]

Captain America and Hawkeye Just Called Black Widow A ‘Slut.’ No, For Real Guys.

Being a Superhero puts you in one of the biggest spotlights there is. Choose your words carefully.

‘Daredevil’ Finds New Fans As a Netflix Series

The World needs more Superheroes with handicaps. James Holcomb reviews the newest adaptation of Marvel’s ‘Daredevil.’

Hawkeye Takes Aim With A New Marvel Select Action Figure!

Marvel NOW! Avenging Hawkeye figure is here exclusively from marvelshop.com & Diamond Select Toys!

The Real Reason Superheroes Should Come In All Sizes

Reworked images by Bulimia.com prove there really isn’t any reason that all heroes have to have the same body.

If NFL Stars Were Superheroes, The World Would Be A Safer Place (Photos)

They’re big, they’re strong and, of course, they have millions of dollars to invest in their powers.

Post-Toy Fair Wrap Up: New Diamond Select Items Coming This Summer!

Alex Yarde previews Diamond Select Toys MUST HAVES this summer for pre-order!


The All-female Team Assembles as Marvel’s Avengers During Secret War