‘X-Men Apocalypse’ A Terrible End to the Trilogy

X-Men Apocalypse is a failed attempt at trying to bring this powerful villain to the big screen I have mixed feelings about the X-Men movies. I really liked the first film that came out in 2000 and X2 a few years later was awesome yet X-Men 3 was a thoroughly disappointing movie. When X-Men First Class came out […]

Call for Submissions: If I Could Be a Superhero for a Day …

We’d love to hear how you would use your superpowers.

See Unexplainable Things in this ‘Doctor Strange’ Teaser

The first Doctor Strange trailer has come to our realm and takes people on a mystical journey  Doctor Strange is a movie that many fans have been dying to see get made. They have been treated with some set photos and a pic of Benedict Cumberbatch dressed as the main character and that was it, but […]

Ta-Nehisi Coates Talks About Writing Marvel’s Black Panther

As a huge Marvel fan, and one of today’s most influential writers on the topics of race and society, it was a no-brainer to tap Ta-Nehisi Coates to write the new “Black Panther” comic.

‘Be A Hero’- HER UNIVERSE Launches One-Of-A-Kind Marvel Activewear Line!

Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War Women’s Activewear launches at Kohl’s Stores and Kohls.com this month!

MARVEL Launches ‘Girls Reforming the Future’ Challenge!

Girls recruited for STEM projects and apprenticeship is highlighted for Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War.

‘Hey Everyone’ Marvel’s Captain America Civil War Broke the Internet

Awesome can’t describe the debut of Captain America Civil War Trailer #2

Deadpool Movie Review: Funny, With a Side Of Heart

Sandy Roffey was surprised by the amount of heart in DEADPOOL. Read her spoilery terrific review of this raunchy R-rated masterpiece!

‘Deadpool’ Brings the Merc with a Mouth To Exquisite Life

See this anti-hero in action with all of the violence, comedy and other elements that make this character great There have only been a few anti-heroes in the Marvel universe and even less of them in the movies. Some would say Wolverine has these qualities that don’t always make him a hero, and fans did […]

Colossus: Facial Performance Artist / DEADPOOL Greg Lasalle

Alex Yarde will pose fans questions to Greg LaSalle the face of Colossus in Marvel’s Deadpool!

What Superheroes Looked Like in 2015

Hint: It’s not what you’re used to.

Check out these two new kick a** ‘Deadpool’ Trailers

These trailers arrived just in time as a gift for all the patient fans to enjoy This film has been something fans have wanted to see for a long time. The film is finally coming out next year and the excitement for this movie continues to grow. The first trailers were very popular and were […]

All Things Geek Holiday Gift Guide 2015

 Alex Yarde takes a look at some the products he geeked out about most in 2015 Every year I cull through the things I or my kids geeked out about the most and come up with an eclectic list of possible gift ideas, things I either reviewed first hand and loved or would love to […]

Sexual Harassment and the Toxic Culture of Comics

Stop accepting sexual assault as just part of the “culture.”

Why Did DC and Marvel Change The Ethnicity Of Their Characters?

Examples of such changes include the comic Green Lantern, John Stewart and the recent change to Johnny Storm with Michael B. Jordan in 20th Century Fox’s latest release in Fantastic Four (2015).

Can Iron Man and Captain America Lead America in 2016?

Matthew Rozsa explores the political lessons in the upcoming “Captain America” sequel.