After Baltimore This Week, What Happens Now?

The recent unrest in Baltimore is certainly an important event, but it probably won’t lead to large-scale changes anytime soon. ___ Lots of people have been talking about the civil disturbances that rocked the city of Baltimore this week, and not without good reason. They clearly are connected to the recent controversies surrounding instances of […]

Missing Social Cues?

When coaches fail to speak up for social injustice, we look to the players with nothing to lose or gain in this week’s Friday Sports Dump.

The GMP Sports NCAA Tournament Top Sixteen

We are less than a week away from the NCAA tournament getting started. GMP Sports jumps on the March Madness bandwagon, and provides you with our top 4 teams from each region and the players to watch.

Sorry, But We Never Raised Free-Range Kids

Lisa Duggan looks back at the legend of the free-range childhood and reminds us that it takes a village to raise a kid.

Ohio Couple Granted Temporary Order by Federal Judge in Case Challenging State Ban on Gay Marriage

Josh Israel believes this ruling “may mark the beginning of the end for the Buckeye State’s marriage inequality amendment.”

Man Swims 5 Hours to Save Family Clinging to Capsized Boat

John Riggs can’t explain how he did it, but did say his only thoughts were of saving his family.

Supreme Court Rules DNA Can Be Taken From Arrestees Without a Warrant

On Monday, the Supreme Court ruled it was legal for a DNA swab to be taken from anyone arrested for a serious crime.

How Letters From Strangers Saved a Teen’s Life (VIDEO)

“I just felt like everything was worthless,” said Noah. “My life was terrible. I had no one.”

Maryland Repeals Death Penalty

After a 5 year fight, Maryland lawmakers vote to abolish the death penalty.

Black Male Teachers Aren’t the Only Answer

National percentages of black male teachers and administrators are extremely low. Explore common problems and common sense solutions regarding poor performance of black boys in American schools.

Maryland Death Penalty May Face Repeal

Maryland has what some have called “the most restrictive” death penalty laws in the Nation among the states that allow it, but for many that is still not good enough.

Tour Company Bans All Marriage Rather Than Recognize Gay Marriage

Matt Grubbs is quitting the wedding game altogether to avoid same-sex clients, and he’s doing it legally.

The Wedding Cake Topper

Bill and Kelly’s community made sure their family enjoyed every benefit of marriage, starting with a wedding.

15 Great Foods For Tailgating and Watching Sports

Games go better with good food.

The Obama Effect and Same-Sex Marriage Equality

What are the biggest factors causing Black voters to support same-sex marriage?

Vikings’ Chris Kluwe Kicks Serious Verbal Ass—And You Should Too

Joanna Schroeder gives a standing ovation to Vikings punter Chris Kluwe for his impassioned open letter about marriage equality, and insists that if we aren’t all doing the same, we’re participating in oppression.