Comment of the Day: ‘There is a section of society who wish to make manly and masculine derogatory words’

Does the media play a role?

Have ‘Manly’ and ‘Masculine’ Become Derogatory Labels?

Ben Dutka fears “manly”and “masculine” have devolved to mean “stupid” or “Neanderthal.” Is he right?

Dating After Divorce is Bloody Hell

Matthew Williams says that dating after divorce is bloody hell.

How Trans People can Change Their Voice to Suit Their Preferred Gender

It’s a challenge for some transgender people to project the voice of their preferred gender.

Bring Back Masculine Etiquette

Mark Mathias believes that men should have manners.

My Wife Becomes A Mirror And I See Myself

Steven Lake sees himself through his wife’s eyes, and it’s not a pretty picture — it’s hysterical.

The Respectability Politics of Ciara and Russell Wilson’s Relationship

Heavy is the burden of rejection that hangs upon men’s shoulders.

Comment of the Day: ‘Why must we rank guys as to how ‘masculine’ they supposedly are?’

Labels of any kind can cause harm. And no one is perfect.

Start Using The “F” Word In Business

Patty Beach and Roger Toennis believe that “scrubbing” our vocabulary of the terms masculine and feminine play into our culture’s challenges with gender.

The Day My Cat Went from a “She” to a “He”

After being told that his long-time pet was a he, NOT a she, Adam Roberts’ perception of gender was turned upside down.

Katy Perry: Sexual Role Model for Women… And Men?

Both men and women struggle with accepting and enjoying their sexualities. Jonathan Delavan writes about Katy Perry and her example of healthy sexuality.

The Emergence of the Feminine and Decline of the Alpha Masculine

Why we need a more balanced masculine / feminine world…

Sit Up Straight, Man!

Correct bad posture or it might be the “neck swing” for you (in the 18th century.)

A Barbershop Experience Marks The Beginning Of A New Chapter In Life For Transgender Man

Only a few months before a study abroad trip to Rome, Charlie had begun hormone therapy and completed top surgery. He was nervous–about the language barrier and about passing as a male–when he walked into a small barbershop in Rome.

Are We All Just a Bunch of Robots?

Author Jay Cradeur raises some questions about what we know and what we think we know.

Masculine Messages from 2016’s Academy Award Nominated Films

Author Jay Cradeur shares his observations of five must see Academy Award nominated films.