Astounded by the Lack of Compassion for Men in Prison: Inside the Conversation at The Good Men Project

dead man walking photo by meesh

The Good Men Project Evangelist Conference Call covers the cultural narrative about prison, and why the discussion is so important.

Social training decides what we think or do and what we don’t.


One reader poses an answer to why straight man don’t experiment, and offers a statement about people as a whole.

Extreme Sports Getting More Extreme: Are You Feeling The Flow?


Is the constant boundary pushing in extreme sports a dangerous manifestation of a crisis of masculinity, or something much more interesting?

2015 International Men’s Day


Make a difference for Men and Boys

What Does Being a Man Mean to You?

What Does Being by Sincere

Sincere Kirabo is still learning what it means to be man … and we can learn a lot from him.

The Sound of Boys Breaking

The Sound of Boys by Bruna Ferrara

Allan Ishac explores the physical tension and need for connection in the man-boy relationship.

Raising Boys and ISIS


We’ve gotten very adept, in this world, at breaking down old systems and structures that no longer serve us. How well will we do in creating new systems and structures that serve us?

5 Steps to Craft a Company Culture with Gender Energy Balance


Patty Beach and Roger Toennis believe that traditional approaches to understanding masculinity and femininity in the workplace aren’t helpful these days. They suggest a new way.

6 Weird Double Standards For Men (and Women!) in Dating

relationship double standards

From expecting guys to pick up the tab to asking women to be “sexy” but not “sexual”, Joanna Schroeder is sick of the hypocrisy.

Tackling the Masculine Soul in a Duel Between Loneliness and Solitude


Debating which one is worse might be a losing argument, yet it is worth having a conversation.

Why I Pay My Wife for Sex

sexy woman

Maybe You Should Too. Not My Wife— Yours.

Why Do We Laugh at Male Body Image Issues?

Man in a Mirror

Liskula Cohen asks an important question: Why do we think it’s okay to body shame men?

Merchants of Doubt Gives New Meaning to “Sold Out”


As this new documentary demonstrates, to get the devil’s dollars one must first align with the devil’s agenda.

Let’s Talk About Men


How and why do we need to talk about men? Jason Kiesau asked Men & Masculinities expert Dr. Michael Kimmel for his insight.

The Man-Box Is Inherently Traumatic: Inside the Conversation at The Good Men Project

the man box is inherently traumatic

Every time you pressure a man to perform masculinity in a certain codified, narrow way—you are traumatizing him. The man-box itself is an act of violence.

Men and the Stigma of Mental Illness


Men are subjected to a culture where the standards of masculinity are literally making them sick.