What a Man, What a Man, What a Mighty Good Man

College Savings With Fairy Dadmother TV Commercial and the Future of Men.

Father’s Day – A Call for Submissions

Daddy, Father, Pop, Dad – What kind of relationship have you had?

10 Reasons I’m Grateful to My Ex-Girlfriend

If it wasn’t for the tough times, I wouldn’t have realized what happiness is. And for that I’m grateful.

Men Can’t be Nurses, That’s Women’s Work… Really?

In our hyper-masculine society, men are often thought of as unqualified to be nurses.

Splash it All Over: A Brief History of Aftershave

The vast history of the aftershave procedure.

Finding Honor in Hooliganism

Finding the honor in the hooliganism helped me find something new to love about a sport I already appreciated.

Comment of the Day: ‘I’m a big fan of equality’

To be fair, women should pay too.

No More Magic Feathers: The Secret To Finding Real Self-Improvement

The key to true, lasting improvement comes from within.

Start With Art: A Habit to Kick Start the Day

Beginning the day with inspiration inspires Mayana Jein to do more with his day.

The 7 Secrets of Real Lasting Love

I used to think I was a marriage and family counselor. Now I realize I’m really a love guide.

What Women Want – A Mother’s Advice to Her Son

Remember this, my love, your soft side is mightier than any man’s sword, wield that.

Burn, Baby, Burn

The end result of burning the candle at both ends? Getting burned out.

Call for Submissions: What Does it Take for a Guy to Make a Friend?

We love dogs too, but we aren’t convinced they should be a man’s BEST friend. Tell us how you find good friends.

The Great Abyss

When you’ve become a victim of your own success and you face the existential void of having no tasks on the calendar.

It’s Not You, It’s Me: When a Man is Not Into You

Jennifer Guinyard LMSW admits that a man lets you know when he’s not into you.

Getting Back in Shape—Duke Fightmaster Style

Just trick yourself into it—running, yoga, and getting back in shape—just put on your jogging shorts and go.