5 Reasons I Don’t Say “Man Up”


Kyle Ashlee highlights the importance of Duke University’s #YouDontSay campaign.

A Man in Full

A Man In Full photo by dno1967b

Christian Ward screwed up the cabinets. An honest mistake, but one which caused him to take a long look at his ideas of what it meant to be a man.

6 Ways Jokes about Violence Against Men Harms Male Victims

hand over mouth andy rennie resized 4429438847_b4a3a72491_z

Andrew Smiler lists six reasons why we should stop laughing at male victims of violence.

How I Finally Got It Together To See A Therapist


LeRon Barton had to get past all the supposed reasons a strong black man doesn’t need therapy.

8 Things That Will Make Your Brovaries Explode

Handout / Via Getty Images Entertainment

Guys get baby fever too, you know.

Top Ten Ways Fathers Can Honor Their Mentors

Top Ten Ways Fathers Can Honor Their Mentors

In this excerpt from his new book, “My Father’s Day Gift,” Dr. David Andrews breaks down ten ways that dads can gratefully acknowledge the father figures who helped shape their development as parents.

“Being a Father Is Being a Question”: What a New Anthology on Fatherhood Has to Say About Being a Dad

"Being a Father Is Being a Question": What a New Anthology on Fatherhood Has to Say About Being a Dad

Steve Edwards talks to Brian Gresko, the editor behind the upcoming “When I First Held You”, about literary fathers, gender and parenting, and the transformative power of becoming a dad

‘Hey Girl’: A Photo Essay Celebrating Men


Anna Birkás has been inspired by the awesome men in her life to create these images reflecting their freedom of self expression.

Being a Mama’s Boy Has Made Me Wealthy, Healthy, and Wise


Jed Diamond became a mama’s boy when his father left. Here are a few of the many lessons he’s learned since that day.

What the Heck Is a Doula and Why Do We Need One?

What the Heck Is a Doula and Why Do We Need One?

Scott Posey was skeptical about involving a doula in the birth of his first child, but soon realized that the doula was an invaluable resource for both him and his wife

13 Dad Truths

13 Dad Truths

Andy Smithson assembles a list of thirteen universal truths about fatherhood and being an engaged dad

If a Lady has Hair on her Legs, She’s a Man. Veet Finally Pulls its Sickening Sexist Ad.

If a lady has hair on her legs she is a man

What do you think? Is it ok to tell women to shave or risk “dudeness”?

The Prom Tux: Turning Teen Boys Into Inexpressive Men?

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Andrew Smiler says the standard black prom tux limits boys’ ability to express themselves and believes this is a problem.

A Call for Good Men Project Bloggers and Vloggers

Man on laptop photo by sszdl

If you have interest in how men are changing in the 21st century, and want the benefits of writing for a large, engaged and growing platform, consider joining The Good Men Project team.

I Think, Maybe, I Just Got Profiled… As a Dad?

I Think, Maybe, I Just Got Profiled... As a Dad?

Cort Ruddy just wanted to buy some paper plates, but instead had his first experience with being profiled as a stereotypical “dad”

The Most Transphobic Thing That Ever Happened…


Oliver Lee Bateman examines one of the most transphobic moments in television history.