Quick Fixes Aren’t The Answer: Alcohol And Violence Have A Complex Relationship


The effects of alcohol vary considerably between different people. The Conversation checks it out.

52 Week Plan to Completely Turn a Man’s Life Around: Week 3

lake man

To do for others, you first must do for yourself. Dyllon Charron, in his 52 week journey, talks about the merits of taking time for ourselves.

It’s Time for Black Men to Be Honest About Mental Health

men mental health black men

Men are expected to take care of and protect their families, but what about when they need help themselves?

Five Reasons Why Losing Your Hair Isn’t a Big Deal

sad hair

Are you freaking out because your hair is falling out?

A Call for Good Men Project Bloggers

Man on laptop photo by sszdl

If you have interest in how men are changing in the 21st century, and want the benefits of writing for a large, engaged and growing platform, consider joining The Good Men Project team.

What Being Emotionally Unavailable Really Means and Why Men Do It

man and woman on the beach

Most men want to be emotionally intimate, but their coping strategies get in the way.

How Can We Help Men in Business? (Call for Submissions)

business man running

As the roles of men continue to shift, along with business economy and workplace norms, we need YOU to tell us what’s next.

Marc Maron Gets Real About Real Men


The man who got Obama into his garage for an interview answers three questions about masculinity.

9 Tips For Loving The Man You’re With

straight and gay couples

Do you really know how to love a man? The way he needs to be loved?

7 Dangerous Myths about Depression in Men

depressed man

In 2013 men accounted for 80 percent of deaths from suicide. Yet, men seldom seek help for depression.

Good Men, You Let The Douche-bags Win

Male lion roaring

If you want a dating world where men are considered respectable good men need to take the lead.

I Tick Every Macho Box. How Could I Be Gay?


A rugby player found himself confronting more than one stereotype in his own mind as he struggles with coming out.

What Does it Mean to be a Man? The Man Effect


One man’s project asks, if you were to use one word to define a man, what would that one word be?

I am a Man, a Father, and a Survivor of Sexual Abuse


Empowered by recent sexual abuse scandals in the media, Scotty Schrier refuses to stay silent on what it feels like to be the victim of a monster.

52 Week Plan to Completely Turn a Man’s Life Around: Week 2

running man

Our bodies are temples in which our minds reside. If you take care of the body, you take care of the mind.

The 4 Big Mistakes Men Consistently Make In Their Relationships

man and woman dancing

How can we really want to be in relationship and yet make a mess of it?