Oh You Bearded Wonder, You!

Adiba Nelson says go ahead and lose the hipsters. But please, keep the beard.

#AFWD2015 Round-Up From a Sleep Deprived Jewelry Designer

Facing burnout? Sleep deprived? Fine Jewelry Artist Jacqueline Stone gets it. And recommends an antidote of FUN!

Pollute the Mind to Clean the Earth

Pornhub vows to plant a tree for every 100 videos watched, but only for those in the “Big Dick” category.

How Many Dad Jokes Can You Say in 4 Minutes? (Try 54)

Roll your eyes as you watch Hank Green’s hyper-quick succession of old school father’s jokes.

Don’t Be Mad at the Beastie Boys Because of the GoldieBlox ‘Girls’ Parody Lawsuit

What you may not know about The Beastie Boys and GoldieBlox’s legal battle.

The Modern Dad: Hanging Out With Dad Bloggers From Across the Internet

Just in time for Father’s Day, The Good Men Project co-hosts a Google Hangout with Google and Dads and Editors from Mashable, Esquire, NYC Dads, and more.

Do Men Look in the Mirror? (When it’s a High-Tech, 3-D Mirror from Glasses.com They Sure Do)

Try on eyeglasses from the comfort of your iPad. Part of the glasses.com try on revolution.

Just Don’t Ask Her to Dance: Ronan the Sea Lion Bobs to Backstreet Boys

Ronan the sea lion has become the first known non-human mammal to ever be trained to keep time to the music.

This Guy Is Brave. (As in ‘Escapes Alive After Shark Breaks Into Shark Cage’ Brave)

Apparently you are double-lucky when you escape from a shark and your friend catches it on video.

The Best and Worst Gender Representations in Super Bowl Commercials

Sarah Hope shares what she argues were the very best, and very worst of this year’s Super Bowl ads.

Supermanket – Shop For Men Online!

Hmm… An online supermarket where you can shop for men…

Man-to-Man with Author and Self-Publishing Guru J.J. Hebert

Cameron Conaway talks with author J.J. Hebert about the changing nature of books.

Viral Video: Skateboarder Hit by Truck

Jamie Reidy shares a shocking video of a skateboarder getting hit by a truck and flying two house-lengths down the street.

Now That’s Manly. He Opens His Beer with a Chainsaw.

That’s just how he rolls.

Two Sides to Every Issue

Megan Rosker heard about a new website designed to “eliminate the narrow-minded way of consuming news” and wonders if it’s going to work.

When Will Mark Zuckerberg Get a New Wardrobe?

We expect the famous to look a certain way—even the ones thrown into the spotlight by way of their talent in an unfashionable field.