Rape, Guns, and Other Forms of Terrorism Reflect a Country in Conflict

Our society has never accepted rape. What is frightening is how we define rape and its impact on the victim.

Does Male Violence Really Come from Male Pain and Immaturity?

Men are both stuck in “first half of life thinking” and also suffering from an inordinate burden of shame.

This is the Most Important Picture Dads and Men Need to See Regarding the Gun Debate in America

Sometimes a picture tells us everything we need to understand about a moment of cultural crisis. Read this mother’s reaction to what her daughter learned at school—something our children haven’t had to learn in generations past.

Why Do Men Love Their Guns? (Question of the Day)

As the debate rages on about what gun laws we should amend or add, we’re asking this simple question: what’s so great about guns?

Who Needs Guns Anyway? And Where Do We Draw the Line on Assault Weapons?

Other than law enforcement, who needs high capacity magazines and semi-automatic or automatic weapons?

7 Ways to Help (and Not Impair) the Grieving After a Tragedy

What we say to each other during tragedy can have an impact–good or ill–for years.

Orlando: The Last Mass Terror Attack? Don’t Bet On It

As many men and women struggle to deal with what happened on Sunday morning, our collective responses—not reactions—deserve closer examination.

Select Voices from The Good Men Project Speak Out on the Tragedy in Orlando

Highlights from the voices that have spoken out in the wake of the mass shooting. And an invitation to be part of the conversation.

Radical Christian Terrorists

If we identify Islamic terrorists by their religion, why not Christian terrorists?

Big Boys do Cry: Why Obama Was Right to Shed Tears Over Dead Children

Bernard Capp on the importance of sentimentality in the political sphere.

Celebrating Together—A New Year’s Gift for You

2015 at The Good Men Project was full of stories about masculinity in the 21st century. Here’s our thank you gift for being part of that conversation.

If You Give a Man a Gun: The Evolutionary Psychology of Mass Shootings

A look at why young men are almost always behind mass shootings.

Six Things Americans Should Know About Mass Shootings

Let’s set the fear aside and have an honest discussion about the facts.

The America Of Republicans And Religious Radicals: Fear, Hate And No Hope

America’s choice in next November’s federal election is very simple despite the complexities of the problems the country and next president face.

So You Want To Argue With A Gun Nut?

You need to speak up for the innocent lives lost. But you also need to be prepared for the debate that is sure to follow.

A New Kind of Killer

Why the San Bernardino shootings reveal a new kind of killer and what we can do to protect ourselves and our families.