The Columnist and the Commoner: A Story of Kindness and Creativity


A puppeteer meets a retired columnist while doing a demonstration in a park. What happens next paints a picture of humanity in its purest form.

Supreme Court: Need an abortion in MA, Must Talk to Eleanor McCullen First

Abortion Debate

Since abortion is a legal medical procedure, being subjected to harassment, abuse and violence should not be a precondition.

A Gathering of Men

A 2013 gathering

Rick Sweeney shares how men’s gatherings became an important part of his life.

Never Lose Your Voice: Speaking Up For Those Who Can’t


A train ride turns into a lesson on poverty and social justice in America.

Watching Time Pass Over the Vineyard Game


You can’t buy Christmas spirit, but you can make it.

I Didn’t Elect to Have Cancer (Sometimes, Just Sometimes, Politics Work)


Toar Winter got a crash course on how the politics of his state affected him on a very personal level.

Replacing Security Guards with the Arts Transforms School

Obama, Orchard Gardens, Massachusetts, PCAH, school, art, security

Three years after getting rid of security guards, Orchard Gardens is safer than ever and students are blossoming.

University of New Hampshire Athlete Ends Track Career to Save a Life

cameron lyle screen shot

Cameron Lyle’s mom, Christine Sciacca said, ““He’s my hero. I couldn’t be more proud of him and how he’s been so humble about it.”

McDonald’s Wants Cashier With Bachelors Degree


McDonald’s offers, “A weekly paycheck with a side order of food, folks and fun,” but only if you have a four-year degree.

Congressional Republicans Argue DOMA is Valid Because Same-Sex Couples Can’t Get Pregnant “Accidentally”

supreme court (550x319)

The argument has been around for at least 10 years, and has been central to almost every same-sex marriage case ever ruled on.

Open Thread: Should States Legalize Physician-Assisted Suicide?

assisted suicide

Almost a dozen states are considering legislation that would allow terminally ill patients to seek assistance in ending their own lives.

Rick and Dick Hoyt: Yes You Can!

team hoyt (588x327)

This is the amazing and inspiring story of Dick Hoyt and his son Rick, otherwise known as “Team Hoyt”.

The Other Health Risk For Middle-Aged Men: Suicide


Societal suppression of male emotion contributes to the 4th leading cause of death that no one talks about.

The Boiling Point of Aaron Swartz’s Suicide


Has Aaron Swartz’s death exposed state corruption?

Charges Against Aaron Swartz Dropped

aaron swartz_GMP 2

Prosecution cites Swartz’s suicide as the reason for the dismissal.

Prizefighters and Poppas


What does the life deliberately and well lived look like?