Everyday Racism: What Do You Say in a Moment Like This?

black massage

She was ok with receiving her massage from a man…just not a black man.

Couple’s Massage, Sexual Innuendo, and Getting Down to Business


Teaching couple’s massage IS his business. How Denis Merkas converts those so-called “macho” types who think giving their lover a massage is only for getting “down to business.”

The Sublime Power of a Great Massage

massage man

A great massage will expunge your troubles and let your soul soar in delight and satisfaction, and that is a good thing indeed

Ten Ways To Have A Happier Partner (Even When You’re Parenting Too)

10 ways

Torsten Klaus on how to keep partnership rewarding through all the challenges of life.

Touch – Part 3

touch 3 photo ARNue

We never know to what, where, or whom an event will lead us.

Touch – Part 2

touch 2 photo by Monja

We never know to what, where, or whom an event will lead us.

Touch – Part 1

greenpoint brooklyn

We never know to what, where, or whom an event will lead us.

5 Ways Cuddling Makes Us Healthier

how to cuddle, cuddling, men's health, hugging, snuggling, touch, de-stress, men with puppies, massage, praying, hot baths

Touch releases oxytocin, which makes us feel better. But can hugging make us better human beings?

7 Ways for Men to Reduce Stress in Their Lives

Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 9.14.19 PM

Fred Goodall knows all about the dangers of stress, and so he offers 7 simple solutions for reducing stress in your life.

What I Learned from 50 Naked People


When I started school for massage therapy, it was a shock at first.

What Your Body Wants You to Know: Your Feet Need Attention Too!


When was the last time you gave your feet any consideration?

What Happens When You Ignore Pain

pain, stress, managing pain and stress, men's health

You can tough it out, but the body keeps the score through the effects of cortisol. Kate Bartolotta offers several drug free alternatives for chronic pain management.

What Happens When Our Emotions Stay in Our Bodies

men psychology, men wellness

It’s never too late to address unexpressed emotion stored in the body as pain, tightness, and discomfort.

7 Types of Self-Care to Help Prevent and Heal Depression

exercise, beating depression, depressions warning signs, depression treatment, depression self care, men's health, mental health, men depression, depression statistics, men and suicide

Depression shouldn’t be a terminal illness. How to tell if your depression is serious, and when to seek care.

Married Man Muses Over His First Full-Body Massage


The thought of getting his first full-body massage gives blogger Kevin Harris the giggles and shits.

Ruby’s Massage


An itinerant yogi looking for practice space gets more than he anticipated.