This Should Not Be The Butt of Our Jokes

Premature Ejaculation: It’s not funny. Not to anyone.

Working One Off

TASK #17: Working One Off Sex is an emotion in motion   Mae West Men like to masturbate. It’s a fact. Masturbation is a solitary, useful, fun and engaging activity. There are many colorful phrases to describe the act, but the one I prefer is the one I learned growing up in Ohio: Working one off. […]

Pro-Sex, Pro-Woman Prince Changed This Man’s Perspective

Prince was a study in sex-positive lessons for men and women and a force for challenging stereotypes.

Is Sex What Intimacy’s All About?

Do sex and intimacy always need to go hand in hand?

The NoFap Phenomenon’s Saddening Effect on Men

Are men are so inherently weak their brains can be warped by porn? Can a man’s sexuality be measured by the strength of his erection?

How Men Can Last Longer in the Bedroom by Using the Power of the Mind

What can men do to last longer in the bedroom?

Erotic Fantasies: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

What erotic fantasies might reveal about ourselves.

The 3 Biggest Things That Bother Men In Bed

Jordan Gray asked 3,000 men what bothered them the most in bed and they consistently mentioned these three things. All three will surprise you. —– Sex is where we literally and metaphorically get naked together. It’s vulnerable. And, for some men, it can sometimes feel like walking on a minefield. Sex can be a stressful […]

Sexual Science: How Sex Cures Headaches, Hangovers and Heartbreak

Instead of Advil, go for a more … physical solution.

How To Increase Sexual Desire For Your Partner

Jordan Gray gives you seven unique ways to boost your libido and keep your relationship red hot.

With Kids Expect the Unexpected: “Mom, Should I Masturbate?”

How do you react when your kids ask the unexpected? Aleasa Word tackles the question of masturbation.

“Too many men do not seem to know who they are!”

This comment by Jules on the post Does Sex Increase Your Self Esteem

How It Is Going to End

Seth Pennington presents a bold poem about masturbation and loneliness within a relationship.

Test Your Sexual Compatibility

When you’re dating someone new, how do you know if you’ll be sexually compatible in the long run? Dr. Jennifer Gunsaullus helps you find out

‘Don Jon’ a Handful for Many Viewers

Seamus Matlock on the challenges facing Joseph Gordon Levitt’s film.

Little Wanker

Andy Bodle was a precocious youth with an excess of curiosity and desire.