I Am A Woman & I Counsel Men About Their Careers, This is What I’ve Learned About Men & Work

I am a woman who counsels men about their careers, by Ashley Michelle Fowler, photo by Flickr/HighwaysEngland

In my role as a career counselor, I am able to work with male-identified clients to debunk the idea that the only noble goals in career are wealth and material goods.

Adopting the Principles of the Ascetic for March


The world tells us to feel complete by getting more. What if the truth is actually the opposite?

Confronting Stuff: The Matter That Matters

2270207802_1c16be06c0_z (1)

Lion Goodman faces years of accumulated stuff when he moves in with his fiance. What he discovers in letting go is surprisingly simple.

He’s Probably My Favorite Author. His Bestselling Book? The Razor’s Edge


Jesse Kornbluth reviews W. Somerset Maugham’s novel.

On Finding Contentedness


Leo Babauta on trying to cut the cycle of wanting more.

Letting Go Of Desires


Leo Babauta on freeing yourself.

What Path are We on?

What Path dno1967b:Flickr

They say that everybody needs a role model…but why? What path will you choose?

5 Types of People To Avoid Dating

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Dating is scary enough. Here’s a list of people to avoid to make it easier.

The Table People

The Table People  Guijarro85

How the United States of injustice tricks us. A 21st century fable that explains why nature is in such a sad state.

What Exactly Do We Owe Our Kids?

What Exactly Do We Owe Our Kids?

In light of a recent news story about a teenager suing her parents for college tuition, Larry Bernstein wonders what essential items parents should be obligated to provide for their children.

Are We Not Men (and Women)?—Apparently Not! Cadillac’s Ad Polarizes.

cadillac nest pas

Shawn Allen wonders whether the new Cadillace ELR advertisement is the best way to define success. What do you think?

Deep Thoughts on ‘Tiny Houses’: Why the Small House Movement Isn’t For Me


A documentary about the tiny house movement caused Pat Brothweel to have a mini-existential crisis . The epiphany that followed is far less dramatic than any writer could hope for.

I See Fire: Reflections on The Hobbit


N.C. Harrison examines the anti-materialistic message of the second installment of Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit.

What Happens When Santa Doesn’t Deliver

santa photo by bart fields

Craig Playstead is humbled—once again—by his son and a simple truth about Santa.

Why I’m Not Threatened by the “War” on Christmas

war on chrismas photo by nicholas jones

It’s the secularism, gluttony and consumerism threatening our most glorious holiday that gives me that warm Christmas feeling.

Show a Little Thankfulness This Holiday Season

presents-y torbakhopper-flickr

Let’s show some appreciation for the people in our lives because of who they are, not the things they give us