Unlike Salamanders, People Come Together for More than Just the Mating Season

Sex is inextricably bound up with a web of relationships that make particular forms of human social life possible. To claim that human sexuality in an ahistorical fashion is at best naïve; at its worst, it’s pseudoscience.

Shy Guy Seeks Shy Girl

Does social behavior in birds have any parallel in human society?

Celibacy Shortens Lifespan (If You’re a Fruit Fly)

Forty percent lifespan decrease observed in flies prevented from mating.

Hot Sex, Heart Sex, and the Best Sex: 5 Secrets for Having It All

Hot sex is how you got here in the first place. Heart sex is how to stay together.

Study of the Day: Lady Fish Love Males Who Win Fights

Watching their man-fish win a fight lit up the parts of the brain associated with reproduction and pleasure. Human brains aren’t much different, but our worlds are.