A Gay Dad’s Letter to the Slain Matthew Shepard

Many remember the horror of seeing Matthew Shepard crucified on a cold Wyoming plain 18 years ago. Here is a letter to the slain Matthew from a gay dad of today. If you don’t know Matthew, or even if you think you do, you need to read this. — This week, Matthew Shepard, had he […]

They Loved Their Son So Much, They Killed Their Daughter: a Requiem for Leelah

The death of transgender teen Leelah Alcorn has stunned America and leaves many questions. Writer Rob Watson compares the reaction to that of the slain Matthew Shepard, and pays tribute to a young life, gone too soon.

Love Will Conquer the Hatred

In Remembrance of Matthew Shepard

Linking Anti-Jewish Oppression and Heterosexism

Oppression against any group causes most people to lose. The system of oppression must be dismantled.

Does Wyoming Have the Answer for Israelis and Palestinians?

Sides don’t matter when it comes to the loss of life. The time is ripe for mercy over vengeance for Israelis and Palestinians.

Honey Maid’s “Love” Ad Responds To Hate and Makes Me Cry

When I see the love and acceptance in ads like this one by Honey Maid, all I can think is, “What if Matthew Shepard had been born today?”

To Dismantle the Spokes on the Oppression Wheel

Whenever anyone is diminished, we are all demeaned, and the possibility for authentic community cannot be realized unless and until we become involved, to challenge, to question, to act.

Where Are the Gays Who Stand Up for Gays?

Donald D’Haene wants to know: Where are the fearless members of the LGBTQ community?

Vikings’ Chris Kluwe Kicks Serious Verbal Ass—And You Should Too

Joanna Schroeder gives a standing ovation to Vikings punter Chris Kluwe for his impassioned open letter about marriage equality, and insists that if we aren’t all doing the same, we’re participating in oppression.

What Happens When We Don’t Teach Boys About Sex?

Exploring the mess we are in around male sexuality. How did we get here and what on earth do we do?

Matthew Shepard’s Mother Speaks About Romney’s Alleged Bullying

HeatherN explores the idea that Mitt Romney’s flip reaction to his alleged bullying of a classmate calls into question his ability to advocate for the rights and safety of children.

Dear Internet: Stop Outing People

What do you think? Does your sexuality become fair game when you enter the public eye? Is there ever a reason to attempt to out someone without their consent?