Here We Go Again – The End of Men Debate


Danielle Paradis is so tired of divisive debates that accomplish nothing but alienating men and women from one another.

Men May Be Disposable, But They Are Not Ending


Pelle Billing calls for greater respect for the men who build everything from bridges to the internet.

Misadventures in Campaign Journalism


How Lucy Berrington accidentally became the enemy of the left and the darling of the right.

The End of Boys


Titles like “The End of Men” are euphemisms.

“I think Dowd’s calling you a ‘boy’ has more to do with a certain breed of post-feminists than a general pattern among feminists.”


This is a comment by Quadruple A on the post “Men in the Margins”.

Men in the Margins


Too often men are either reduced to”cute boys” or “terrible human beings”.

6 Reasons Ben Stein Is Wrong About the Dominique Strauss-Kahn Case

ben stein

Mr. Stein should get to know more statisticians, or perhaps a high school math teacher.

‘The Hendricks Syndrome’: Fall TV Returns to the ’60s, When Gender Roles Were Less Messy


The producers of “Pan Am” and “The Playboy Club” risk paying tribute to these specific, unequal gender roles in a way that may contest our country’s recent strides toward equality.