What’s The Point in Losing Faith?

Sometimes the point of being lost is to find the questions you never thought to ask.

Answering the Question: “How do I Find my Purpose in Life”?

Chris Forte explores the existential question of our role in life.

It’s Time You Know You Are Enough

A simple act of kindness reminds Cabot O’Callaghan that our inherent value is not to be questioned.

One Father Finds His Way Through the Darkness

A young father of twins and a newborn, Briton Underwood finds his way, all thanks to his children. — “Feeling my way through the darkness, guided by a beating heart…” The transition to fatherhood has not been one that was necessarily easy. It has been filled with nothing but trial and error. I have learned […]

The Very Last and Definitive Word on “DadBod”

Good Men Project columnist Jeremy McKeen sat down with God and Mrs. God at their Maine home to ask about several topics, but mainly about the pressing matter of body issues, body shaming, and the meaning of life. — JM: Thank you for having me. You have a lovely home. GOD: It’s no Mt. Olympus […]

I Don’t Have All the Answers. But I Have a Few

The universe is full of two things: questions, and rubbish.

The Meaning of Life is Ubiquitous

Charlie Scaturro explains why he thinks the meaning of life is ever-present

160,000 Gallons of Life

If you’re waiting to start living your life, John wants to make sure you don’t. Cancer ended up allowing John to be more fully alive than he ever dreamed he could be.

The Meaning of Life for Non-Religious People (video)

The British Humanist Association and funny-man Stephen Fry join forces to explore how people without faith can find happiness.

Metal Detecting and the Meaning of Life

How Vincent O’Keefe’s quick trip to the beach became a grand journey through time.

“To Invent Your Own Life’s Meaning Is Not Easy” – Advice From Bill Watterson, Drawn By Zen Pencils

Bill Watterson, creator of Calvin & Hobbes, offers men some of the most important advice about life you’ll ever hear, made into a comic by Zen Pencils.

7 Things I Wish I Could Tell My College Self

It’s too late for Jason Henry, but perhaps you can learn from his college mistakes.

The Next Life [Book Excerpt: 100 Tricks Every Boy Can Do: How My Brother Disappeared]

My brother Bret started the next life at forty, when he departed from this world by suicide.

‘Peter Pan Syndrome’ Is Not Necessarily a Bad Thing

Does the pop psych notion of Peter Pan Syndrome give boyish traits a bad reputation?


Jeff Swain defines ‘unconquered,’ with some help from his friends: William Ernest ‘Captain of My Soul’ Henley and Tom Petty.

The Circle of Life

The Beatles, The Bible, and the Sanskrit word for bliss: Jeff Swain explains how by following our bliss, we find our purpose.