Inclusion, Democracy, and the Plant-Based Diet

In an era of resource depletion, climate change and political instability, now more than ever is the time for us to rethink our relationship with animals.

A Few Things Every Man Should Know About: Meat

No matter what you think you know – Steve Nazarian says these three tips will make you love meat even more.

6 Months of No Meat for This Guy

Jonathan Levy reflects on six months as a vegan.

Meat-Lovers vs. Vegetarians: A War of Cultures

Nutrition is cultural. And so is meat.

Can Eating Less Meat Really Tackle Climate Change?

Can your diet effect the environment?

Meat Means Emissions – So Which Countries are Doing the Most Damage?

Emissions are often attributed to producing countries but consuming countries also bear some of the responsibility.

Why I Might Give Up Eating Meat…Forever

“I do not like to feel trapped by a box of one size fits all manliness, and a template for stepping outside of it, even in a realm as simple as that of cuisine, feels like a liberating idea,” writes strongman and BBQ aficionado N.C. Harrison.

Slice of Life: One Young Man’s Exploits As Lifeguard By Day, Butcher By Night

Soaking in the sun poolside to splitting chickens with a bandsaw–whatever it takes to study abroad.

If Men are What They Eat, This Video Might Impress You

A ballet of Chickens, Cows and Pigs in a stunning documentary which explores the many wonders of the world.

The Butcher

While this piece from Dwight Gray can be seen as a love poem (of a sort), it’s so much more than that. It’s a meditation on uncertainty and aging, perseverance and emptiness, the ill-defined “edges” of the “marriage bed.”

I Dare You To Try This Pie

Jarad Dewing challenges you to expand your concept of dessert with this savory pie.

Yes, You Can Be a Manly Vegetarian

Connor Ferguson explains why masculinity isn’t the sole realm of carnivores.

Have Yourself A Tacky Christmas: Nourishing Meat

It’s very good with nutritious vegetable.

Raising a Vegetarian Child

What do you do when your child suddenly wants to stop eating meat? Jeff Bogle tells us what he did.

Eat Real Or Die: Can You Handle the Truth?

The Truth Shall Set You Free. And Keep You Alive.

The Simplest and Best Men’s Diet for Losing Weight and Living Well

Men Don’t Watch What They Eat, Do They? When So Many Americans are Overweight, They Should. Here is One Easy Diet To Help Keep you Fit and Healthy.             Men die sooner and live sicker than women.  In fact says, Will Courtenay, author of the book Dying to be Men, […]